74HC Datasheet, 74HC stage Binary Counter Datasheet, buy 74HC The MC54/74HC is identical in pinout to the standard CMOS. MCB. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup. INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. 74HC/HCT stage binary ripple counter with oscillator. For a complete data sheet, please also download.

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dstasheet Timer – Posted by Bernard in forum: You would need a frequency counter to see what the actual output frequency was, and change components to get it to the correct frequency. Posted by ro in forum: The circuit might not work if it is made on a breadboard. Does it live up its predecessor?

MC54/74HC datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

There are many datasheets for the osc Recommended operating conditions Table 4. Feb 26, Feb 24, 7. Feb 24, 3. The resistor at pin 10 is the timing resistor but yours is at pin Ptot derates linearly with 4.

I plugged the oscilloscope in the 7-pin and I did not saw any oscillation at all Suitability for use — NXP Semiconductors products are not designed, authorized or warranted to be suitable for use in medical, military, aircraft, space or life support equipment, nor in applications where failure or Rt must be larger than the ON resistance in series with it, which typically is ?


Data sheet status Document status[1][2] Objective [short] data sheet Preliminary [short] data sheet Product [short] data sheet [1] [2] [3] Product status[3] Development Quali? No, create an account now. What if I use a PLL to stabilize the oscillation?

Revision history Table F Rbias k? Apr 26, 3, 1, It uses the same pins 10 and 11 as the RC oscillator.

4060 oscillator

Apr 20, 15, It will work this way? The 74HC can use a 1MHz crystal for accuracy. The function of R2 is to minimize the in? Feb 24, 5.

74HC4060 Datasheet

This document contains data from the preliminary speci? Terms and conditions of sale — NXP Semiconductors products are sold subject to the general terms and conditions of commercial sale, as published at http: For starting and maintaining oscillation a minimum transconductance is necessary, so R2 should not be too large. Test circuit for measuring switching times Table 8. The oscillator may be replaced by an external clock signal at input RS.


Have you used this one? The cmos oscillator is datashete stable if it has a regulated power supply and it does not pick up interference shielded in a grounded metal box. NXP Semiconductors does not give any representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of information included herein and shall have no liability for the consequences of use of such information.

Feb 24, 6. The scope is at 2. You do not add the 1pf capacitor, it is stray capacitance and must be kept as low as possible.

74HC Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

Applications — Applications that are described herein for any of these products are for illustrative purposes only. Waveforms showing the master reset MR pulse width, the master reset to output 74ch4060 propagation delays and the master reset to clock RS recovery time Table 7. Limiting values Table 3.

Static characteristics Table 5. Contact information For more information, please visit: You May Also Like: In case of any inconsistency or con?