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(PDF) 9536XL Datasheet download

How to connect LEDs and switches to control xcxl? What the problem then? Simply have some digital inputs, which you drive with proper logic voltages through switches, and connect the outputs of the CPLD 95366xl the LED.

Check the datasheet that the xl can drive directly a LED. If not, make an inverting buffer with a NPN transistor. Start witch xcxl Have a look to http: Start witch xcxl Thanks for this links.

There is another one http: But how to connect switchtes to this CPLD? Ok evrything is working. I’dont know pin nr. Start witch xcxl hi, i have a friend in Vietnam, he asked me to buy a IC names XCXL – CPLD complex programmable logic devicehe’s studying about those things and we dont have that IC in VN, but the problems is i dont know what it is, i dont know how it looks like.


All i need now is a picture of it exactly the one he needs so i could go buy it. Is anyonw here can help me with it? Added after 18 minutes: D im in southern california, garden grove: Start witch xcxl It is manufactured by Xilinx.

Xilinx XC9500XL CPLD quick start

Ask your friend for the full part number, because XCXL is just the prefix. You can buy some parts directly from Xilinx. Start witch xcxl hi, echo47 datassheet for your help, i asked him, and he said something like: HWPC44 i dont know if that it is, but i dont know how to purchase it.

That narrows it down to one of five different parts. Grab the XCXL vatasheet sheet, look on pagesand choose the one you need: I think they all take credit cards. Have a nice Thanksgiving: How to connect 6 switches to LPT port and check their states?

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