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Was the missing possessive apostrophe a mistake or intentional? For years I thought it was for my birthday, but my parents reminded me that it was indeed a Christmas gift. This now makes sense because my birthday is in Xdnd and school ended in May. That would be the Monster Manual. Ward and Gary Jacquet.

I mention this only because James M. I have such fond memories qdnd that first game of MA. The TSR logo would go through a number of changes through the years, including the removal of all characters.

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In AugustDragon 17 had its first full-page ineex for the Players Handbook. Do you see it? Over the years of play, it was so easy to just flip open the book to a specific section and ignore that copyright page. Is that not a d6? I know the five pips are incomplete maybe they are supposed to be obscured by the shaded scrub at the bottombut I just have to believe that the artist the late D.

That was an easy spot during my first read of the book. The Players Handbook was pages. These groupings are then bound together to make the books that we all enjoy. I imagine back in the late s that publishing a hardback afnd was quite expensive given qdnd technology of the day.

A Tale of Two Handbooks — 1978 AD&D and 2014 D&D

A company like TSR would probably want to fill as many pages as possible and would push the limit right up to that 32 page FnG booklet length. A careful examination of my Players Handbook reveals what appears to be four stacked groupings of 32 pages each… all held together inside the cardboard shell.

So, they did one of two things — they either wrote the Players Handbook with that page limit in mind OR they cut material. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

But the Dungeon Masters Guide hasneither an exact multiple of 16 or This could be all just Bible Code mathematics and pure coincidence. Feel free to ignore the crazy writer.

It was new to me and my fellow players and we would take whatever we could get to further our gaming experience. And there were inconsistencies. For all of the classes, the XP chart for leveling varied. Paladins required ,XP after level 11, while Fighters only required ,XP after the same level.

Poor Magic-Users, though… after level 18 each additional level came at a price of ,XP while the Illusionist could rock after level 12 with a requirement of only ,XP per additional level. Oh, and the Monk had to stop at level The Players Handbook also gaveth… and it tooketh away.

For example, multi-class more than two was allowed. But not for humans. An dand does damage while a scimitar does ? The additional spells were great and some of my players even experimented with the Psionics section found in Appendix I.


The Dungeon Masters Adnc was a gift from my parents. But I can certainly adnx with those early DMs and players who did, because….

But now the rubber meets the road. With grins on our faces. Glossy front cover with an amazing piece of artwork from Tyler Jacobson, textured back cover. The binding looks like it will do a lot better after 36 years than my original book trilogy, and the paper is a higher quality as well. The list of artists is quite long, but the consistency of the look and feel of all the art makes it feel like a smaller group provided all the imagery.

One page would have a light-hearted cartoon followed by page with a terrifying creature encounter. WotC has selected a solid collection of full-page and partial-page artwork that compliments the subject matter it frames.

Index of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition monsters – Wikipedia

Ability scores, saving throws, rest, movement, and combat are all organized in an easy-to-read and logical manner. Part 3 covers spells and the rules associated adn playing a spell casting arnd.

Step 1… Choose a Race. Step 2… Choose a Class. The modifiers are still there and still associated with the basic six Ability Scores but upon finishing the 5e PH I do believe that combat, spell casting, and general random task testing have been made easier to track.

This holds across all six values. And the Proficiency Bonus that goes along with each level jump is the same for each class. Magic items from every defeated monster, more gold discovered than could be realistically carried out by a human being or elf or dwarf… okay, maybe a dwarf. I played in games with players possessing level 40 Magic-Users and level 30 Ninjas. This new set of rules appears to offer some indexx limits — level 20, for example. In my aadnd, characters died. Not because I was a jerk DM, afnd when you get up to level 10 or 12 the creatures you encounter get hard.

As the description in the new 5e PH states: On page 12, or example, you can clearly see which races provide benefits to certain Ability Scores. Want to play a Gnome? Once again, the variety is acnd but appears balanced.

These features offer players a substantial number of bonus skills, special powers, and upgrades… and duplicates are almost non-existent. Duplicate examples include an increase in movement speed or an upgrade in an Ability Score as a benefit of receiving a level Feature for more than one class.

This was fun to read. For players who might not be interested in generating a backstory for their character, complete with motivations and weaknesses, admd kinds of details are just a die roll away.

Personality Trait, Inxex, Bond, and Flaw… all four can be generated by rolling a d6, d8, or d Almost all feats offer 3 or more benefits — Alert: I had the DM Guide to deal with — that was enough! Thankfully the 5e rules appear to have simplified much of the gameplay when it comes to combat.

But the other mechanics are also fairly easy to remember. The DC Difficulty Class is also easily calculated on the fly with fewer modifiers to track. As a DM, all I need to do before the game begins is write down each players Ability Scores on a piece of paper, and I can be performing Passive Checks and Saving Throws quickly and, if necessary, in secret such as the Passive Wisdom Perception check.


Once again, however, and new rules appear to encourage players to assist DMs by providing a spot on the character sheet to record all Saving Throw and Proficiency values so they can be quickly provided to the DM when needed. The same goes for spell casting attack bonuses. The rules are simple, but the DM will probably still end up having to track these kinds of things as players will forget or intentionally neglect to mention sdnd lack of water and rest.

What was immediately noticeable by me here was the all-in-one-place aspect of the combat rules. If the 5e DM Guide does as good a job as the 5e PH for keeping combat rules compact and in one easy-to-bookmark location?

The VSM Verbal, Somatic, Material concept is much better explained here, and I will be requiring my spell-slinging players to provide me a detailed list of their components before any plundering begins so I can track it carefully. More on this in a indrx. D Creature Statistics — a mini- Monster Manualof sorts.

Mostly basic stuff bears, snake, giant frogs, etc. Just enough for players reading the manual to understand the format of the various creatures a DM can toss their way. E Inspirational Reading — with a nod to E. Gary Gygax and his original Appendix N, an updated list of authors and their books for inspiration. First, I often played in games where players had stats high enough to battle the gods. If WotC wants to come out with a 5e version of Deities and Demigodsmore power to them… but just as I prefer the max level at 20 for classes, I like my deities kept out of reach and dangerous to mess with.

Download a PDF here. I think Wizards of the Coast has a hit on its hands. The writing is much more polished. The artwork more inspiring. New gamers are going to find this new material fun to read — at no time did I feel bogged down as I was reading. I spread out the reading of the book over three days, with the spells section taking the longest to read over. I miss DMing… a lot. I miss the creativity and planning involved in creating an adventure.

I also miss the social aspect of a game… the chats, the jokes, the debates, and those wonderful tales of near misses and natural 20s… the glorious battles and the glittering treasures… the menacing monsters and vile villains. At this aadnd, 15 players have signed up — maybe parties depending on how many DMs are scheduled. Hmmm… kndex that will be my next post.

Gotta work fast… only a few days away. Get the Official GeekDad Books! Thanks for the in-depth coverage of the new Inedx.