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Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. Please specify your purchasing quantity to get accurate quotation. And make stepper move forward, and back, or just spin one direction, to be able to see a dot moving along the line.

Prompt, please, what role executes a situation of a reflecting square concerning a rotor of the motor of the scanner? I spun the mirror assembly, and I saw pulses!


I suggest you throw it away. Since no signal came out of the pin, it must be an input.

I experience that my control pin is not frequency controlled but rather the duty cycle controlled the motor speed. I suggest You to use a stepper motor or something, with this square motor. Dear Sir The information you have provided is really good.

Oh, and my guess of what your project is about is to build an IR-camera. I need it very much, please for any help. Alibaba Assessed Gold Supplier. I have the same unit, but my interest was on the other side of the box. Service manual for the HPLJ gives following description of the scanner motor connector may datasheeet different in the model you have: The motor datashete not spin up without the sync signal, and it seems happiest with something around Hz.

  G3PA 240B VD PDF

Motor and solenoid datasheeh supply voltage in all HP Canon printers is 24V. January 8, 5: We serving customers almost every area of industry and commerce, including the automotive,communnication,industrial,transportation,military. Can you help, where I can find the electronic circuit of this block and all printer?

You can use these tags: Please provide necessary infomation so that the manufacturers could reply you in time.

I found a doc on a similar chip similar series number and this is OEM so probably related on the Toshiba website. By changing the frequency, I could manipulate the motor speed. Not even anything bad.

【AN8247SB PANASONIC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Tracing back through the power board I notice that it connects to a filter capacitor with a 25V rating. Douglas Berlier this motor spins too fast for You, to be able to get a visible, moving dot. If anyone wants the module you can have it Datashfet except for postage and packing.

There is no need to resubmit your comment.

ANSB Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

We also be able order parts from other part of the world in very short time. Pin 2 had a 10K pullup to some low voltage supply, pin 4 went straight into the microcontroller, and pin 5 came from an RC filter from the microcontroller.

You need a new scanner assembly for that. I tried grounding it through an ammeter and noticed that the current, although it started at a few hundred microamps, tapered off quite rapidly. Connector Pin — Chip pin as follows: Upload Attachments Characters Remaining. On the motor board the pin 1 is closest to the right side of the board with the connector at the bottom. Other products from this manufacturer. Could you draw schematic please.


The next step was to figure out the relationship of input frequency to output speed, so I connected my trusty old Nixie frequency counter to the output of my function generator and my multimeter set to frequency to the tach output. I pulled pin 4 low, and the tiny mirror spun up with a whine to about 13, RPM as measured by the tach output!

The ratio appears to be fixed: My mw green laser can now draw a straight line!

I could not identify the connection from the chip TB -F. Only the ANSB is the same. I had a laser head I pulled out of a Sharp I think printer. It was a logic low. So pin 5 is a synchronization input.

April 22, 7: Large Quantity in stock5. Based on that I conclude that it is very likely a 12V rail. I connected ground to pin three, 12v to pin one and I connected pin 4 to ground to pull it low and the motor spun like a charm.

Whether I can repair his?


ANSB is a with hall sensor brushles motor controller. The information you have provided is really good. This must be the tach output.