Angelology is a first novel by Danielle Trussoni. It was published by Viking Press in March Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters; 3 Publishing and film interest. Neste romance de estreia de Danielle Trussoni, anjos tambem vivem na Terra e escondem suas asas para nao levantar suspeitas. No entanto, sua perfeicao. Angelologia Danielle Trussoni Pdf 0 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. teocheapscisal By teocheapscisal Ongoing – Updated 5 minutes ago. Embed Story ยท Share.

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Nothing has me at all thinking: With a heavy heart, one must conclude that as angelo,ogia sun rises upon victory, so too must it set upon defeat.

Danielle Trussoni

In fact, the ending just kind of happens and you are left hanging. Truszoni one of my GR friends has any mention of this book – not a review, not a to-be-read, and definitely not a wishlist pick. Another area where I think this series could benefit is adnielle illustrating the angels. She hints at the title theme a couple times but lets that drop somewhere in the midst of it and I’m left feeling a bit perplexed.

The narration is also told from the point of view of Verlaine, an academic whose area of expertise is the Rockefeller family. Se non fosse per la decisione di Evangeline di consegnarsi per salvare sua nonna, i nostri potrebbero andarsene senza problemi. No, meglio di no. View all 7 comments. They are scholars of theology, scientists, men and women of the cloth who throughout the years have waged a secret war against the Nephilim, the evil offspring of the fallen angels who pass as humans.

She was side cast as a minor character in this book which was a very big mistake given how much every reader cares for her after the first book. La Trussoni non ha nulla di Brown e viceversa. I couldn’t grasp onto it, nothing ever felt REAL to me, so angelolgia was hard for me to suspend disbelief.


Angelologia : Danielle Trussoni :

The Scriptures are scattered trssoni a trail of obscure clues and encrypted revelations about the existence of a higher order of beings between God and man, and if angelology has been questioned and disregarded over the centuries for lack of explicit descriptions, the abundance of references in the Apocrypha scriptures not included in the canonical Bible still sparks the interest and the imagination of intellectuals and anglologia.

It seemed like a cross between really good urban fantasy and excellent religious fiction with a twist of the biblical scholarly type book thrown in.

I think there was some interesting lore invented here, and some compelling characters, but it was just a bit agelologia for my tastes. The war between humans and Nephilim has roots as deep anbelologia the history of mankind itself, and it’s now being conducted on a genetic ground by a secret society of angelologists who won’t hesitate to use weapons and headhunters to capture the rebel angels and subdue them.

The Mara, the Gusian, Rahab, Anakin, and more. But what exactly is Angelology? The unreal beauty of the angels, the black hearts of the nephilim, the intense struggle of the frail humans against unimaginably strong but strangely frail in some ways celestial creatures.

There was a angeelologia of buzz about this. And if the dilemma of Percival, the key male angel, sounds a bit phallic, it should.

Does her Uncle know more about her secret than she could possibly know? I will read the third novel, but I am not really looking forward to it in the same way that I thought I would have after finishing the first book.



Angelopolis is a disaster of angeelologia book. Enter Sister Evangeline, orphan, nun, restless soul. You know there are some exciting parts somewhere if only she’d stop blathering on about the absolute stupidest details, like the color of the typewriter she used to respond to some man’s letter or the size of th Gah Trussoni’s first novel, her first book being a solidly non-fiction memoir.

Like they wait for us to do all the research on the magical harp that is magical and then they STEAL it! In earlyseven different publishing houses vied daniellw the manuscript.

Angelology (Angelology, #1) by Danielle Trussoni

I have to say that for a slow starter, I really got drawn into this book, and when it ended, I had separation anxiety! That said, Angwlologia do plan to go back to read the first one.

The first section was ok. Evangeline is heard from in one SMALL chapter and not heard from for aaagggeess after, Verlaine basically goes to Russia has the chats with all these new characters and we have NO idea what is happening to Evangeline.

I learned so much even as Daniekle was whisked into a world where angels reside and bring about political, cultural, and social strife. Angelology is that angelolpgia gem. Okay, back to Angelology.

Also, no explanation was given about how Evangeline went from human to nephilistic, in the first book, although it’s accepted.