Meditation: Antar Mouna – Ajapa Japa -Trataka. The Satyananda Yoga system offers many different traditional techniques to help the practitioner to turn the. TSYN: Antar Mouna. 14 minutes. An attempt at a more trauma-sensitive yoga nidra: heavy on choices and invitations; light on visualisation. This one is an. Mindfulness And Antar Mouna Meditation. Meditation has two main aims, the cultivation of witness consciousness, and the evolution of your.

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Light Wellness | antar mouna

First we must build the competency necessary to find a one-pointed focus, dharana, which will lead us to the state of meditation, dhyana. For example, if we want to attain a new job, we can create a positive thought surrounding the acquisition of the job. The techniques used to train the mind for dhyanafall under the limbs of pratyahara and dharana. If we see a symbol in our mind, let that be the focal point of the mind during meditation.

One of the many gifts of Antar Mouna is the awareness and release of dysfunctional mental conditioning. Noted demonstration of the automatic thought processesand the ability to reclaim and conserve mental energies. Here we draw upon the witness consciousness once again and take a step or two back to watch the movie in our mind.

The main focus of stage six is to observe what happens ,ouna the flow of nouna slow and then cease. May we find the patience and courage necessary to accompany us on the journey of Self-inquiry.

When we disempower a thought by changing an automatic labeling, we empower the Witness. This stage is one described as a mental vacuum. This means we have to hold the cultivated thought in the mind for a while. When we identify patterns of thought, we begin to observe who or what is behind the steering wheel of our vehicle in this lifetime. To see is to have the ability to transform. Listen to all of the sounds around us.


Our unique conditioning colors our experience of life. I bowed and sat on the cushion in front of him.

We are responsible for creating the reality we want to live in! I was overwhelmed with shame, and it was consuming me. This symbol surfacing is due to optimal prana flow, the vital. Remember, this stage of awareness of sensory impressions can be practiced at any time.

This practice of concentration will wax and moun. I knew exactly what I wanted to ask. The more we examine the lenses through which we see this world, the more freedom we have in mojna to remove them, and to exist in Supreme Reality. We all have varied abilities and natural inclinations in how we engage our sense organs. The same sense should be used throughout the entire duration of this stage. This stage of Antar Mouna is a useful tool to practice manifestation. In stage two we begin to see some of the thoughts stored in the basement of our mind, our subconscious.

Pratyahara is a practice used to balance the internal and external senses.

Antar Mouna – Yalla Class

More of your questions answered by our Experts. The mat or the cushion is a great container for developing the skills necessary to live life well, and to prepare us to walk each step with our eyes wide open, clearly seeing reality. Join me, this Saturday, February 3 rd for the Meditation mouns. What Idiscovered, when I learned about Antar Mounais that I simply needed a little prep work before the observation stage, and voila!

Antar Mouna

For example, when I began this practice, while I was studying in southern India, I felt finished with the first stage in about a month, and then I practiced the second stage for over a year and a half before Mouns felt ready to move on.

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With refinement of the sense experience, we increase our ability to observe the more subtle components of our sensory perception and of our experience of reality. While concentrating on this thought, use vivid and detailed imagination, and antxr after a while, let it go. Remember that meditation is a state, not a technique.

This includes the time I spent in India, where my teacher Swamiji Tureyananda taught me the technique that empowered me to sit every day, as well as my time with Michael, and my continued practice. To begin with part one see: The first three stages of antar mauna meditation should be mastered before the yogi attempts the more advanced fourth, fifth and sixth stages. This holding step cleans house, so to speak. Acute awareness of the yogi’s chosen personal psychic symbol. If the sense of touch is engaged, appreciate the moyna of clothing resting the your skin, or the weight of the body on the earth, the sensation of wind as it blows.

To begin with part one see:. The bell rang… it was my time. We are not our thoughts! The Benefits of This Simple Action. I mouuna ready to transition to stage two after a month of dedicated practice of stage one. Stage four of Antar Mouna is structurally similar to stage three, so it can be a smoother transition than the earlier stages.

This inquiry into the reality project or the practice of clear seeing, takes balancing the fire or tapas of self-discipline, with compassion and patience.