Diffuse (yellow), %, Diffuse map. Diffuse (blue), %, Diffuse map. Bump, 10 %, Bump map. Specularity, %, Specularity map. Glossiness, %. Diffuse, %, Diffuse map. Bump, 5%, Bump map. Specularity, %, Specularity map. Glossiness, %, << Specularity map. Reflectivity, %. The collection covers textures of the following categories: Boards/Wood, Bricks/ Walls, Concrete, Metal, Pavement, Plaster, Stone, Tiles and Misc.

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Arroway Textures – Tiles Vol.1 (1 dvd) – Buy CHEAP!

Subscribers to this tutorial series will not only gain access to the video tutorials but also have 1 year access to a private forum where they can ask questions about subjects discussed in the videos as well as receive help and guidance on their scene setups, materials and lighting. My name is Mihai Iliuta, and I’m a renderoholic. I am now running this site, which I hope in time will become a hub of useful information and content dedicated to Maxwell Render.


He commented that they already had mxm files Maxwell V2 associated with them.

Roof Tile Material and other architectural materials – Indigo Renderer Forum

His concrete walls, gravel, and wood cabinets looked pretty good. Do you have a comment about this material source? Is the material editor in V2 any different than either V3 or V4? Are other sources such as Textures. Do the Arroway textures have the depth and breadth of the materials you have shown us how to make in Basics and Beyond stacked layers often using additive mode?

If not, can the mxm files be edited? Any other comment about this?

Arroway textures are great tilees plenty of resolution, another good source is https: A rule of thumb for texture resolution is for it to be at least 2x compared to how big it will be in the final render.

So if in your final render a given texture takes up px, then it should be at least px.


Of course if it needs to be tiled then it should be as large as possible so you can tile it as little as possible. Arroway does offer ready-to-use mxm materials.

Newer collections offers version 3. Instructor My name is Mihai Iliuta, and I’m a renderoholic.

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