Le nouveau grec sans peine – book | Assimil Multilingual | Greek | | European Schoolbooks Limited. 15 nov. Assimil Le Nouveau Grec Sans Peine / Modern Greek With Ease by Katerina Kedra-Blayo, , available at Book Depository with. Apprendre le Grec ancien avec la méthode Assimil Collection Sans Peine Ce manuel vous propose un contact direct avec le grec de l’âge classique et vous.

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Could you read something like Plato’s “Apology” with relatively little difficulty? It even comes with a red ribbon place-marker, which sana come in handy dans of my other language books are stuffed with post-it stickers, Alibris voucher cards, torn-off strips of printouts, etc.

Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more. How much Greek did you know at the end? First learn some Greek, then learn the metalanguage, or something like that.

Le Grec ancien

There are short lessons, each with a small ‘funny’ line illustration. My copy of Assimil’s Ancient Greek course arrived grwc morning so I shouldn’t really be expressing any kind of opinion about it yet but I can’t resist. Has anybody here used or evaluated this course? Flat Style by Ian Bradley.

The female speakers have some slight inconsistencies. However, I’m positive that I could not have started my studies from zero using that book. A quick search through the forums didn’t turn anything up, but I did see grwc mostly fleeting references to Le Latin sans Peine.


But almost any resource out there will help, bit by bit. Like one of those yellow Langenscheidt language books. But basically I think it’s a good book, a very practical and pedagogically sound approach. Corrections are welcome especially for projects. Grammar summary and wordlist at the end. Learning Greek is a long, slow, slog.

My guess is after finishing the book you’ll still have difficulties with the Apology.

Board index Greek Learning Greek. Does anyone know how far it takes the student? I’m absolutely delighted with it even before I’ve started using it. But I can’t think of a better reason for learning French.

Beautifully typeset, inviting you to dip in. Just spotted your post by chance. Flat Style by Ian Bradley.

Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more. I know that such a small book couldn’t possibly provide a thorough presentation of the language’s vocabulary, but is the same true of grammar? But if you’ve gone through 30 lessons, you probably already know what it’s like and whether the approach works for you.

Thanks for any information or opinions, reltuk. All texts have a translation on the facing page. How is the pronunciation on the recordings?

I can’t claim to speak from experience, but I suppose the time will be well spent. I’m using it as my primary resource for learning Greek. Certainly it has about the best reconstructed Greek audio I’m aware of or actually I think one of the four voices was very good, one the two men — but he was so good I think it made it worthwhile to go through the whole book, although the others were not so good.


Working through it increased my fluency, but by how much? Board index Greek Learning Greek. Basically I went through it because I was interested about the audio. It’s a gleaming pliable pocket-sized volume that looks at once like a ‘friend to man’ ie a thing of beauty.

There is a short section of Homeric singing at the very end of the recordings; with the digamma and sung to the same tune as the one available at Hagel’s site.

Effectiveness of Assimil- “Le Grec Ancien sans Peine” – Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

peinf Like anything else, it is no magic bullet. I think the Apology is one of the easier ones. So, please let us know if the process works for you.