Written by Bill Ferguson, Audiobook narrated by Bill Ferguson. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. Bill Ferguson Ultimately, all your suffering and all your self-sabotaging behavior are the .. Once you heal this hurt, your whole life begins to change. Instead. Finding and healing this hurt is probably the single most important thing you can and resisting then creates a state of fear and upset that sabotages your life.

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Here is a short exercise that can demonstrate this: Mark was sad for a while but soon his whole outlook toward life seemed to change. It couldn’t keep showing up in your life if it wasn’t there. After you find the specific hurt that you’ve been running from, the next step is to do the opposite of fighting it, which is to embrace it. Any circumstance that reactivates this hurt then becomes a threat that must be avoided at all cost.

You restore the happiness, the freedom and the aliveness that you once had. Return to the Heart Publishing. When you rest in the feeling of this space, the warmth of it heals your mind and body. You need to find the specific hurt that you’ve been avoiding and make peace with it. There are no broken bones.

Heal the Hurt That Sabotages Your Life (Audiobook) by Bill Ferguson |

Mark’s life turned around the moment he made peace with failure. Marimont Tirado marked it as to-read Feb 19, One with the potential to transform your life in a dramatic way. You were happy, alive and free. Notice the immediate surge of feelings ferguon emotion that come forth. Mirela marked it as to-read May 05, This was a very painful time for Mark, but the moment he let in what a failure he was, something shifted inside.


Once an affair comes to light, many unfaithful persons “wake up” and want to save their marriages. You keep thinking sabotafes them. MacDonald, an infidelity specialist for 23 years, has identified behaviors and attitudes that determine unfaithful persons’ success or failure to mend their marriages after the thar ball of an affair.

Finding and healing this hurt is one of the most important things you can ever do. Michael Neill Narrated by: She would constantly be upset about one thing or another. As a little child, the only way you could explain these painful losses of love was to blame yourself.

He could no longer avoid or deny it. Chris marked it as to-read Apr 26, Cry if you can. Her inspiring and thoroughly practical book guides you through the stages of forgiveness, exploring step by step the healing pathway to peace. So allow yourself to be human. If you lose your job, this may say that you are a failure.

You will learn how to end conflict, heal hurt, release resentment, communicate, resolve issues, and restore your peace of mind. Allow yourself to feel all the hurt of being worthless, not good enough, a failure or whatever your issue is. Di Riseborough Narrated by: When you were a young child, you were pure love. Mira Kirshenbaum Narrated by: Helpful book for healing Excellent ideas to do the work of overcoming old attitudes, hurts, and experiences that have held us back 1 of 1 people found this review helpful.


Whether broken trust is due to daily dishonesties, a monumental betrayal, or even a history of hurts from the past, it can put a relationship at risk. So how do you do it? Want to Read saving….

Carlos Santos rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Within every community, toxic people can be found hiding in families, couples, companies, and places of worship. Our main way of supporting this site is through the sale of books, either physical copies or digital copies for your Amazon Kindle including the online reader. You may never notice this hurt but it is certainly there. Will the trust ever come back? The more painful the words, the closer you are to your hurt.

This book will show you how. If you answered yes to any of these questions, 7 Quick and Easy Ways to Stop Feryuson is right up your alley. How can you run from something that is always there? She then realized that “not worth loving” was just part of being human.

Heal the Hurt That Sabotages Your Life

In relationships, you can end the conflict and restore the love, one llfe being to another. It determines your actions and shapes your life.

Return to Book Page. It is pure consciousness – the space inside of which all thoughts come and go.