Blood Trinity: Book 1 in Belador Series [SHERRILYN KENYON: DIANNA LOVE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paranormal romance. Editorial Reviews. Review. ” new Belador series explodes onto the urban fantasy scene with Blood Trinity: Book 1 in the Belador Series (Beladors) by [ Kenyon, . Sherrilyn Kenyon is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of several. Find out more about Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more.

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Blood Trinity

And as a proper bad-ass woman, she was raped as a child, of course, because, sherrilny know, that’s a part of the package. Added by 5 of our members. Number 1 in series The Beladors Author s: When she stopped spinning, she faced him. The demon, now in solid form and hunched over, sat on a stack of tires, patting his scaly head above the horns.

shwrrilyn What are you doing? Just one of several treasured gifts from Tzader and Quinn, with friendship and trust being the most cherished of all. Things had been quiet for a long time, but two months ago a new Alterant had shifted and attacked humans. Something had, and they were the most likely candidates.

They do appear in Blood Trinity as well. I assumed theses three would be the leads in the book.


I always read a first book in a series with anticipation because in the back of my mind as I read I make my little list of cool side characters that might be featured in future books.

Storm is the quintessential alpha. Drool slid off one side of his wide mouth. Tzader sent his gaze up at the sky that was lightening by the minute. The morgue was a perfect place to be.

Shdrrilyn message was simple: Evalle spends a lot of the book by herself, where I would have liked to see her interact a bit more with other people in the book. I’m not sure if I’m to expect future books in this series to be 17 story lines wrapped into to one or if, as the first book in the series it was trying to introduce all of the characters, or what.

I like my stories to come with substance, and that’s what Blood Trinity and Alterant delivered.

Blood Trinity | Book by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Was it sizing up the guy as a meal? Her heart pounded like war drums in her chest the closer his sharp fangs came to her face. I do not normally rate Sherrilyn Kenyons blodo this low, so let me explain. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. I think that can fit into anyones day to day life.

And why had she sensed it? He’s charismatic, dark, magical, and darned alluring. She adored her gixxer, which bolted down the highway like a bullet.


Auto buy author s. How will that uneven relationship work out? I came back to meet someone who has a lead on the Belador traitor.

The first half of the story I was completely lost at who was her main “man”. Number 1 in series Belador Code Author s: The odor was too faint for a demon who had eaten a human heart. For once in her life, let her be lucky … With fewer than ten demons seen in this region in a year, that was a good bet.

The introduction to her pet is one of my favorite parts of the book. She was both kickbutt and also innocently vulnerable. Off Peters on the south side of Atlanta.

Even when she did manage to kill one, a dozen more cropped up to attack her. Just finished this one.

Demons not so much. No matter how much she tried to keep the past buried, trinihy like this threat unearthed her worst fears and made the old wounds burn anew. Maybe all of that got explained in the super secret novella that was released in but no where alluded to in this book?