Bose Professional LT-Series loudspeakers include 6 mid/high-frequency models and 2 full-range models designed for permanently installed sound systems. Medium-format waveguide and 90° x 40° pattern designed as the primary reinforcement source for smaller venues, or for use with other LT loudspeakers to form. We sell used & new Panaray LT Cabinet Speakers by Bose. Select from the best prices and availability in the world.

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Qualified contractors and dealers may purchase rigging hardware directly from ATM:. The open-cell foam behind the stainless steel grille provides excellent protection from wind-driven rain and dust. Technically, an enclosure bosse provide protection from a solid-object wire of 1 millimeter 0.

Bose LT 9403 Loudspeaker

As bise grille perforations of the LT product family loudspeakers will not protect against ingress of solid objects of 1 mm, we have elected not to specify the first digit for the IP rating. However, we are confident that the WR models will provide adequate protection against wind-driven dust and rain.

Loudspeakers in the LT product family undergo extensive quality assurance and reliability testing. We do not recommend outdoor installations near marine ocean environments due to the corrosive nature of seawater spray and humidity.

Bose LT Full Range Medium Format Loudspeaker – White

However, we have developed recommendations for rigging several typical array configurations indoor applications only using stock parts manufactured and distributed by ATM Fly-ware, a division of Adaptive Technologies Group, Inc. These recommendations can be found in the array application guide for the Bose LT loudspeakers.


Adaptive Bpse Group E. The factory warranty for all Bose professional loudspeakers includes coverage for 5 years on acoustic components and 2 years for cosmetic defects.

Some exclusions may apply.

Please refer to the product warranty for complete warranty terms and conditions. Yes, loudspeakers in the LT product family can be painted by the contractor using solvent-based spray paint, including many formulations from the KRYLON brand. Several precautions must be taken before painting the enclosures, such as removing the grille and foam backing. For additional details on re-painting LT loudspeakers, please contact your local Bose Professional representative.

Certain LT loudspeakers are not stocked in regular inventory and are available only as special-order items. Please contact your local Bose Professional representative to confirm order-to-shipping lead times for the following models:.

LT Full Range Loudspeaker | Delhi | Bose Professional Audio | ID:

Bose Professional point-source loudspeakers are excellent choices for applications that do not require the sound level or precise coverage control of DeltaQ arrays, or for zone-fill applications where DeltaQ arrays are used as the primary reinforcement system. Opis proizvoda Upit za proizvod.

For indoor applications only. Blse contractors and dealers may purchase rigging hardware directly from ATM: Acoustic performance remains unchanged. What are the changes in the new WR models that increase resistance to weather elements? The exterior finish bode upgraded to a 2-part spray polyurethane coating Chemthane that is similar to spray-on truck cargo-bed liners.

Bose LT 9403 Full Range Loudspeaker

This material is significantly more scratch and weather resistant than bise previous LT loudspeaker finish and competitor spray-on finishes The enclosure interior now features a full polyurethane sealant coating A new molded insert for the V2 Midrange Manifold compartment provides additional water protection The input panel and crossover board have been re-located to a weather-sealed section of enclosure, with a new gasket lg the access panel A new open-cell foam backing on the stainless steel grille provides additional protection from wind-driven rain and dust What is the weather resistance IP rating for the new WR models?

  EN 12952-6 PDF

Why did you specify an “X” not rated for the solid ingress digit of the IP rating? What are the recommended guidelines when installing LT WR loudspeakers outdoors?

Mount LT WR loudspeaker vertically Mount loudspeaker with a downward tilt of a minimum of 3 to 5 degrees Cover any unused input connector with the provided rubber boot Immediately repair any cuts, scratches or breaches of the exterior finish.

Once the exterior finish is breached, moisture will eventually permeate the plywood and jeopardize the structural integrity of the enclosure. Thus, it is imperative that any exterior finish breaches be re-sealed immediately All external mounting and rigging hardware must be properly treated for the intended outdoor environment. Are there any outdoor environments in which the LT WR loudspeakers should not be installed?

Does Bose sell any mounting or rigging accessories for the LT product family? What is the factory warranty for LT loudspeakers? Can I paint the LT loudspeakers a different color? Are all loudspeakers in the LT product family stocked in regular inventory? Please contact your local Bose Professional representative to confirm order-to-shipping lead times for the following models: