Title, The Essence of Music and Other Papers. Author, Ferruccio Busoni. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Dover, ISBN, , Front Cover. Ferruccio Busoni. Dover Publications, – Music – pages J7THE ESSENCE AND ONENESS OF MUSIC. 1. IIJ THE FUTURE OF MUSIC. The Essence of Music and Other Papers by Ferruccio Benvenuto Busoni; Rosamond Ley and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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His first concerts in London, inmet with mixed comments.

Hoffmannfirst performed to a lukewarm reception in Berlin in Gerda joined him in Moscow essebce they promptly married. The first landmarks of this mature style are the group of piano works published in — the Elegiesthe suite An die Jugend and the first two piano sonatinas and Busoni’s first completed opera, Busonu Brautwahl ; together with the rather different Bach homage, the Fantasia contrappuntisticaBusoni’s largest work for solo piano.

Ferruccio Busoni

What the composer’s inspiration fo loses through notation, his interpreter should restore by his own. He worked there only one year but among his students was Yelena Gnesina. Pupils included Maud Allanwho later became famous as a dancer and remained a friend. The result was to force on him a re-evaluation of the potential of Italian musical traditions which he had so far ignored in favour of the German traditions, and in particular the models of Johannes Brahms and the orchestral techniques of Liszt and Richard Wagner.

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The Essence of Music and Other Papers – Ferruccio Busoni – Google Books

Busoni’s international reputation swiftly rose and he frequently concertized in Berlin, the other European capitals and in European regional centres including Manchester, Birmingham, Marseilles, Florence, and many German and Austrian cities throughout this period, as well as returning to America for four visits between and In he wrote “Like a subterranean river, heard but not seen, the music for Faust roars and flows continually in the depths of my aspirations”.


In the ensuing years, after brief periods teaching in HelsinkiBoston, and Moscow, he devoted himself to thr, teaching, and touring as a virtuoso pianist in Europe bysoni the United States.

At age 46, Busoni had already completed a number of operas, however, none of them had been performed. The fairytale story involves the artist Edmund who falls in love with Thee.

Catalog Record: The essence of music, and other papers | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Busoni Umsic started work on his opera Die Brautwahl Bridal Lottery in by fashioning an initial version of the libretto based on a short story by E. To the beloved for cello and piano published without opus number, BV Other early pieces were published at this time, including settings of Ave Maria Opp.

Following a series of concerts in Northern Italy in springBusoni was offered the directorship of the Liceo Rossini in Bologna. Virtually his sole permanent achievement at the school was to have modernized its sanitary facilities. In he was invited by Duke Karl-Alexander of Weimar to lead a masterclass for fifteen young virtuosi. List of repertoire pieces by Ferruccio Busoni and Ferruccio Busoni discography.

This was eventually to form a volume of the Bach-Busoni Editionan undertaking which was to extend over thirty years. During this period he began to work seriously on the libretto for his proposed opera Doktor Faust.


The essence of music and other papers

Down among the Dead Men. Sir Henry Wood was surprised to hear Busoni playing, with two hands in double octavespassages in a Mozart concerto written as single notes. Our art is a theatre of surprise and invention, and of the seemingly unprepared.

The work has to be considered as a whole, and Busoni always desired it to be played straight through without interruption. Msic musicologist Percy Scholes wrote that “Busoni, from his perfect command over every means of expression and his complete consideration of every phrase in a composition to every other phrase and to the whole, was the truest artist of all the pianists [I] had ever heard.

Busoni was born in Empolijust south of Or he was the son of professional musicians.

Musical Thoughts msic After-Thoughts. These included some of Bach’s chorale preludes for organ, the organ Toccata and Fugue in D minorand the Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue. Perspectives of New Music.

During this time he continued work on his Bach edition, including his version of the Goldberg Variations. Accessed February 18, The opera was a critical success at its first performance in Hamburg on 13 April ; however, it ran for only four performances.