James Gleick is an American author and historian of science whose work has chronicled the . E Notes. ^ Doctorow, Cory (March 24, ). “James Gleick’s tour-de-force: The Information, a natural history of information theory”. Boing Boing. Few writers distinguish themselves by their ability to write about complicated, even obscure topics clearly and engagingly. In Chaos, James Gleick, a former. Start by marking “Caos: a criação de uma nova ciência” as Want to Read: In Chaos, James Gleick, a former science writer for the New York Times, shows that .

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The theme of the very different results presented here is unprecedented successes in recognising and explaining nonlinear systems. Wonderful bifurcations and pretty things abound Cwos is out of date. The experimenter develops an intimacy with matter as a sculptor does with clay, glwick it, shaping it and engaging it.

In a complex system, the most minuscule change in initial conditions leads to drastic or unpredictable changes in the output. He points out the dangers of speed – such as “real time” opinion polls and sped up music. I suggest putting on some Jimi and a video of the Mandelbrot fractal set. He worked there for ten years as an editor on the metropolitan desk and then as a science reporter. Then, for no reason whatsoever, it shifts into a different cais of behavior, still fluctuating but producing a different average.

The founder of this new science is Edward Lorenz. In each field, also, the initial work was most often either resisted or ignored. After its demise a year later, he returned to New York and in joined the staff of the New York Times. See all 4 questions about Caos…. While its purpose is glwick and there’s little math, per se, I think the underlying profundities will be more obvious to readers who have taken dee college-level math course or two or three.


Feb 21, Victoire rated it it was amazing.

James Gleick: «La información es un instinto básico, como el sexo o la comida» –

His first book, Chaos: It seems to me like this book represents a time in history before people had gotten accustom to handling complexity and information theory in computers. This is a lot of 2 books by bestselling author, James Gleick: Gleick enjoys the subjects that he writes about and it is difficult to not become affected with his enthusiasm.

Then, you may wind up contemplating how much of that migration was due to Jeff Goldblum’s ham-fisted illustrations in “Jurassic Park”. Maybe I should have, given how popular he made the subject.

The world is not the same anymore. It was a blockbuster bestseller at the time, and it’s still glrick worth reading, a fascinating, enjoyable introduction to one of the most important scientific developments of our time–the birth of chaos theory.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It was very successful with a general audience back when it was new. It portrays the efforts of dozens of scientists whose separate work contributed to the developing field. Department of Justice and the European Commission. Sep 17, Paul E. He floats too far above the actual science and complexity.

Gleick never makes you feel this and takes you through some very difficult concepts with care and assurance. The author spent too much time in repeating the same terminology and concepts like ‘strange attractors’ and ‘sensitive dependence on initial conditions’ and not enough time making it tangible by using real examples that would have made it more meaningful.

The Mandelbrot set obeys an extraordinarily precise scheme leaving nothing to chance whatsoever. Despite being 25 years old, Chaos remains an invigorating read, offering a sense of discoveries and inventions yet to be made, and demonstrating that separate fields like physics, chemistry, biology, information theory, computing, cognitive science, climatology, and economics aren’t as separate as we might think.

There are no marks of any kind on the text of either book. Overall, it is a good, if hyped, overview of the subject. Not much was taken up from there till the s, when the computer revolutionized this new field of mathematics, allowing mathematicians to do complex iterative calculations and do experiments. See scan of actual books being offered.


Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick

In the pages caso Gleick’s book, the reader meets dozens of extraordinary and eccentric people. It chronicles, in the words of the scientists themselves, their conflicts and frustrations, their emotions and moments of revelation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From the flight patterns of jsmes of birds, to heart arrhythmia, to stock market fluctuation to the coast of Alaska, the underlying patterns can be revealed in ja,es wonderful branch of science.

Chaos, the book, though written instill does an excellent job of connecting the discoveries that opened the door to Chaos Theory. The most interesting chapters were the final two, about the possible application to physiology and then a summary of the concept. Feb 23, Ami Iida rated it really liked it Shelves: Preview — Caos by James Gleick.

Caos: a criação de uma nova ciência

Still, a whole lot more could have been done to illustrate the application and implications of the subject. In a complex system, the most minuscule change in initial gleivk leads to drastic or unpredictable changes in the output. In other projects Wikiquote.

The last month has been quite interesting thanks to both Chaos and Sync. How, when everything is vleick patterned, so ordered, just beyond presently beyond. Refresh and try again. Scientifically dense for sure, but a good explanation of recent advances in modern science.