For more information on the use of Knowledgeware throughout CATIA V5, see Using Knowledgeware Capabilities in the CATIA V5 Infrastructure User’s Guide. Catia V5 knowledgeware awareness session. Francois Trudel. DS Service, Lean Engineering. KBE Development Application Consultant. n. Product Lifecycle Management. 2. Value Proposition. 1. CATIA V5 Knowledgeware: What is it? Table Of Contents: CATIA V5 Knowledgeware. 3. Conclusion.

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Select Between as measure type, then click successively two edges in the geometry area. Using the dimensions of a sketch in a formula Unless sketch dimensions are declared as constraints, you cannot manipulate them as parameters in relations. You can use the Dictionary list to view the commands for a specific data type or function. If you specify x in the Filter Name field of the Select parameters to insert dialog box, you will display all the parameters with the letter x in their name xA, xB, xC, xD, xE.

U2 contains a list of values created using Add multiple values ; click the arrow at the right of the text field to select a new value from the list. In the Editor, select Length.

Creating a Design Table from a pre-existing File. When the active configuration does not fit the set of configurations resulting from a query operation, you get a message prompting you to deactivate the filter uncheck the filter box or change your configuration. Considering the opposite assembly, it is now possible to replace in VPM V4 Part1 with another part The part numbers can be identical or not containing a renamed parameter both names must be identical.


Hiding a parameter from the specification tree. For example, a solution sensor contains data in a list; click List to view or select commands that work knowledgewqre list data.

The error message indicates that you must modify the entry or edit the range to create a valid entry. Change the part number in the Edit name or value of the current parameter field.

Renamed parameters not published Can be replaced with the same renamed parameter located in a part. Lock Lock the current value for a text field. The parameters and formulas are applied to the document.

To get an example, see below. The Value List window is displayed. In the Reorder window, select In or After and select a relation. Edit formula Create a formula based on existing definitions or measurements in the model. About the parameters that cannot be inserted in a design table. Add tolerance Add a tolerance to any measurement in the model. Parameter not published, not renamed Can be replaced with a parameter located in a Part that is a new version of an old part not necessarily the same part number.

The Edit Parameter dialog box is displayed. This part is intended for those of you who need a quick answer to their questions about the Knowledgeware capabilities. To add a column to a design table, open the. U3 has a range of acceptable values created using Add range ; there is no indication that this Knowledgeware technique is in use unless you enter a value that exceeds the allowable range.

The way columns are arranged in a design table is identical to the way the associations were defined. Specify the file containing the design table data, then create the necessary associations.


Edit the parameter, then in the edition box, right-click the value field and select Add Range Only parameters which are not already constrained by any other relation or by any other design table can be used to create a design table. A new field enables you to change a parameter value when creating and especially editing a formula. In the specification tree, a broken or invalid design table is displayed. The value is the only information that is taken into account by formulas or rules.

Applying Knowledgeware

Nonlinear Structural Analysis or Thermal Analysis displays the comment when you position the cursor over the text field for the parameter. Parameter not published, not renamed. If you later change the value in Step 1, Step fatia and Step 3 will both have this new value and the formula that you used in Step 2 will be lost. The Formula Editor is displayed. Optimizations Design of Experiments Constraints Satisfactions. Knowlevgeware a comment to a parameter.

ENOVIAvpm-CATIA V5 Knowledgeware Integration

Check the Create a design khowledgeware from a pre-existing file. The Measure Between dialog box is displayed. Objects are not gathered by types any longer. This way, you can select the terminal, which can impact the way the editor behaves. This push button represents the relation which constrains the parameters.

Then, you can, for example, version Product 1: