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We all know, or at least have heard, about the effect of the moon on the brain of people mentally unbalanced.

Cheiro Numerology

Which method is most reliable Cheiro or Chaldean Both methods are extremely right, so we take both methods for compatibility. Number 2 persons, or all those whose birth number is the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th, have a tendency to suffer with the stomach and digestive organs. Mendelssohn 99 3rd Feb. The great Napoleon cheifo wrote his name as Napoleon Buonaparte.

Using data relating to the names of people and places, and the numbers associated with them, we can use Cheiro Numerology to add insight to their current situation, and surmise what is going to happen going forwards. This remark applies to all other months which are included in my psychological survey of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. This number influences all persons born on the 61 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month, but still more so if numeorlogy birthday falls in the period between the 21st March and April 19th—26th called the House of Mars Positive or in the period between the 21st October and November 20th—27th called the House of Mars Negative.

Probably a call to give more structure to your spiritual duties, rather than to pluck up the courage to ask for a job promotion. The other side represents philosophic thought, a strong leaning towards occult studies, religious 56 devotion, concentration of purpose, zeal for any cause espoused, and a fatalistic outlook colouring all actions.

Let us briefly summarise the Astrological tradition: If you do that you will will get a far better perfect name which makes you more lucky and successful.


The secret underlying the whole of this idea is that of the mysterious law of vibration. People born in this section of the year are full of contradictions, they have deep home interests, but are at the same time restless, and have a decided longing for travel and change, they are always making homes, rarely keeping them, and usually have more than the usual trouble in the homes they do succeed in making and in their domestic life.

The principal herbs for number 9 persons, or those born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month, are onions, garlic leeks, horse-radish, rhubarb, mustard- seed, wormwood, betony, spear-wort, white hellebore, ginger pepper, broom, rape, madder, hops, danewort, and juice of nettles.

Numrrology freedom to move about and travel is craved, and there is a thirst for knowledge about the world.

Step 1 : Calculate the compound Number of your Name.

Number 26 — Troubles, and to look closely at who you are dealing with, as those around you cheito be to blame for your misfortunes more than any error of your own.

We will make reference to compound numbers in this analysis, and provide some definitions later on. His second marriage was in ,—and here 17 is the result of the figures added together. Aug 02, Rating number 9 NEW by: Not really good numeorlogy times.

Cheiro Was Right About Name Numerology of 8

Number 39 — as per They should never marry young, for their nature seems to change at different stages of life. Hence I am the Luckiest person according to Cheiro. This is a number denoting strength gained through experience, and benefits obtained through observation of people and things. Similarly, the knowledge of numerology helps us to have more understanding and compassion towards others and accept them as they are.

Both classes have a distinct desire to peer into the future, perhaps because they are impatient for things to develop. If taken as they are, in their own moods, they are the most delightful people imaginable, but one must not attempt to hold them or to expect them to be constant to their ideas or plans. They should aim for some form of public life, and in such careers they generally do best, such as in the government and in responsible positions of control and management of others.

He saved my life from ever since. Look up the meaning I have given to the compound Number From this date onwards, it is in full strength until April 19th. The same rule will apply to all the other month periods of the year with the exception of the period from December 21st to January 20th, the period of the number 8 positive, and from January 21st to February 19th, the period of number 8 negative.


Greta Garbo yy 18th Sept. Reply by Kannan M Well. They usually experience many quarrels and strife in their home life, either with their own relations or with the family they marry into. This number is very similar to the preceding One, except that the person it represents is even more self-contained, lonely, and isolated from his fellows.

The balance, poise, an hidden laws governing our own solar system have also never been explained, together with a thousand other things in our everyday life. By knowing the birth date of an individual and seeing if the number of the date is in harmonious vibration with the number given by the name is of considerable help in arriving at a summing up of the general characteristics.

George Stephenson yy 9th June Edward Heath? In chapter 4 we read: Even is the worst year of my life This was not a favourable promise for a successful ending of his career, as is explained later on in these pages.

During holidays, I would visit my grandfather in Delhi who lived jn house No. We know of the peculiar hallucinations which are produced by exposure to tropical moonlight during sleep.

For this I have to analyze your best name from hundreds of name selections.

In their home lives, howr ever, they usually go through a great deal of trouble, and are seldom surrounded by numeroloty happiness. All living mankind can be grouped into twelve great classes, according to the month 1 in which they were born.

The months to be most guarded against for ill-health and overwork are June, September, and December.