Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies, written over six centuries ago, is neither simple nor simplistic. As the first known history of women in Western. Who was Christine de Pizan? Christine was the first female writer to earn a living from her work. She was born in Venice in around and moved to France as. Advice and guidance for women of all ages, from Europe’s first professional woman writer Written by Europe’s first professional woman writer.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This was a pleasurable read as far as medieval texts go, and I cify not help but be reminded of a debate about the core curriculum at Columbia when I was an undergraduate there in the late s.

We have to bear in mind, though, that one aspect of Christine’s anti-misogynist and pro-woman strategies was to advise women to conform to these patriarchal mindsets in order not to be scorned and attacked by the repressive society they were living in. An interesting but not precisely entertaining read. Pizan uses the vernacular French language to compose the book, but she often uses Latin-style syntax and conventions within her French prose.

In the context of just this work alone, I find it so admirable that she presents such a progressive and intelligent account on the value of women. Please try again later.

For every confident declarer of the nonentity of works, or even existences, of a certain demographic in a certain period, there is excavation to undertake and analysis to be done and acknowledgement to be generated, for nothing that has survived between one time and now did so out of sheer luck, more so if it has been suppressed via the efforts of the Powers That Be.


No, here’s a story that uses some fucking imagination. Persea Books,p. In the c “God has given every woman a good brain which she could put to good use, lizan she so chose, in all the domains in which the most learned and renowned men excel. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Book of the City of Ladies

I have to admit I was bored beyond imagination. Through secular examples of these three virtues, Pizan urged women to discover meaning and achieve worthy acts in their lives. However, it’s interesting enough to see how the medieval mind percieved history, the use of Ovid and Boccaccio, of Homer and mythic I can’t for the life of me say that this book is “good” or “bad” or anything in between, it’s not one of those books.

It also has an excellent introduction to the book itself. So some people consider women greedy because some ladeis have foolish husbands, great wastrels of property and gluttons, and the poor women As one of the rare female voices of the Middle Ages, de Pizan would have been interesting even if she weren’t very interesting.

She took the position that all women were capable of humility, diligence and moral rectitude, and that duly educated all women could become worthy residents of the imaginary City of Ladies. Drawing on her own life, Pizan advised women on how to navigate the perils of early 15th century French society. All this was a reason for Christine to stand up for herself and the other women who felt couldn’t take ee stand. Some parts, however, still include quite a lot of problematic content internalized misogyny, especially regarding modesty mindsets; promotion of patriarchal gender roles – albeit in order to prote This book has quite a lot of points which are very interesting and pretty progressive bearing her Medieval period in mind!


Boccaccio’s outlook was however, according to Margaret King and Albert Rabil, “sexist in that he praised the traditional values of chastity, silence, and obedience in women, and furthermore depicting women in the public sphere as suffering as in form of punishment for transcending boundaries. How many people can do that? Her Life and Works New York: While chrisrine might say this is to be A useful look at the history of women’s rights, but through the eyes of a ruling-class woman noble who wants nothing different systemically, just more respect culturally.

Romance of the Rose satirizes the conventions of courtly love while critically depicting women as nothing more than seducers. Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone,” she reminds. Jun 17, Flora rated it liked it Piazn It’s a fucking disgrace out here in the future. Christine made her living as a writer after the death of her husband, and did well enough to support a small library of her own at a time when books were expensive and rare.

The Treasure of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan | : Books

Of course we’re still fighting that one, but here’s another text to show that it’s been a long battle and we’re not alone.

A Medieval Rhetorical and Her Rhetoric”. Gary It is not antiseptic, no. But it is trying on the patience! I can’t wait to get my copy!

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