Archived Cigna financial reports and earnings releases can be accessed on this page. Find the shareholder information you need about Cigna online now. PDF · Form 10K (HTML). CIGNA Corporation does not currently have any hardcopy reports on Click the button below to request a report. Course details for the Cigna 10km Run including course maps, summary, start and finish times, cut off times and prizes.

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Will McDowell, Investor Relations — CIGNA HealthCare also provides disability and life insurance products that were historically sold in connection with certain experience-rated medical products.

CIGNA generally uses derivative financial instruments to minimize its exposure to certain market risks. In the Company repurchased HSA plans allow plan sponsors to choose from a variety of benefit plan designs and funding options and combine a high deductible payment feature for a health plan with a tax-preferred savings account offering mutual fund investment options.

System development projects are long term in nature, may be more costly than expected to complete and may not deliver the expected benefits upon completion. The cash value earns interest at rates declared from time to time, subject to a minimum guaranteed contracted rate, and may be borrowed, withdrawn, or, within certain limits, used to fund future life insurance coverage.

Industry rankings and percentages set forth below are for the year ended December 31,unless otherwise indicated. These losses were partially offset by gains on the sale of real estate; and. CIGNA sold its individual life insurance and annuity business in and its retirement benefits business in Cinga health care businesses are subject to intense 10, and industry consolidation has created an even more competitive business environment.

In some countries, CIGNA International voluntarily operates or is required to operate with local business partners with the resulting risk of managing partner relationships to the business objectives. Corporate life insurance products are permanent life insurance contracts sold to corporations to provide coverage on the lives of certain of their employees.

CIGNA would be adversely affected if its prevention, detection or control systems fail to detect and implement required changes to maintain cignaa compliance or prevent fraud. Reimbursement for inpatient and outpatient services is made by CMS pursuant to laws and regulations governing the Medicare program.


In particular, the Company performs a credit analysis of each issuer, diversifies investments by industry and issuer and requires financial and other covenants that allow the Company to monitor issuers for deteriorating financial strength so the Company can take remedial actions, if warranted. CIGNA maintains a hedge program to reduce equity market risks related to these contracts by selling domestic and foreign-denominated exchange-traded futures cinga.

CIGNA and its international subsidiaries comply with regulations in international jurisdictions where foreign insurers are, in some countries, faced with greater restrictions than their domestic competitors. However, companies that are assigned ratings at the top end of the range have, in the opinion of the rating agency, the strongest capacity for repayment of debt or payment of claims, while companies at the bottom end of the range have the weakest capacity.

CIGNA HealthCare offers medical management, disease management, and other health advocacy services to employers and other plan sponsors.

Annual Reports and Proxy Statements

These affinity partners primarily include banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions. CIGNA is subject to potential changes in the political environment, which could adversely affect the markets for its products. Group disability coverage is typically employer-paid, but may also be employee-paid or a combination of employer and employee-paid.

CIGNA Disability and Life plans provide employers, among other services, flexible enrollment options, list billing, medical underwriting, and individual record keeping.

Consolidation may make it more difficult for the Company to retain or increase customers, to improve the terms on which CIGNA does business with its suppliers, or to maintain its position or increase profitability.

Financial Releases | Cigna

These risks may include reimbursement claims as well as potential fines and penalties. Assumptions may be based in whole or in part on prior experience of the account or on a pool of accounts, depending on the group size and the statistical credibility of the experience, which varies by product.

However, it is possible that future developments could have a material adverse effect on CIGNA’s consolidated results of operations, and, in certain situations, could have a material adverse effect on CIGNA’s financial condition. These borrowing arrangements were entered into for general corporate purposes, including the financing of the acquisition of Great-West Healthcare.


However, actual health care costs may exceed what was estimated. CIGNA takes steps to monitor and regulate the performance of independent third parties who provide services or to whom the Company delegates selected functions. CIGNA HealthCare offers a wide array of health advocacy programs and services to help individuals improve the health of the mind and body, including:.

Cigna Corp

Insurance ratings represent the opinions of the rating agencies on the financial strength of a company and its capacity to meet the obligations of insurance policies. CIGNA estimates reserves for guaranteed minimum death benefit and minimum income benefit exposures based cign assumptions regarding lapse, partial surrender, mortality, interest rates, volatility, reinsurance recoverables, and, for minimum income benefit exposures, annuity income election rates.

For liabilities with longer-term pay-out periods such as long-term disability, reserves represent the present value of future expected payments. These clients include those seeking engagement and incentive based programs designed to improve health, and those that purchase multiple products and services from a single company. Expense ratios increased slightly in in the life, accident and supplemental health business and the expatriate benefits business as a result of higher expenses to support growth initiatives and expansion.

The Company estimates these liabilities based on assumptions for investment yields, mortality, and administrative expenses. CIGNA International defers acquisition costs incurred in the sales of long-duration cihna, accident and supplemental health products. Because it was an indemnity reinsurance transaction, CIGNA is not relieved of primary liability for the reinsured 10. CIGNA International 10m some of its international health care benefits operations and all of its life, accident and supplemental health insurance operations through foreign operating entities which maintain assets and liabilities in local currencies.

These new competitors are focused on delivering employee benefits and services through Internet-enabled technology that allow consumers to take a more active role in the management of their health. Cash Cigja from Operating Activities: In re Managed Care Litigation.