have The Cluetrain Manifesto, one of the first books written as sequel to a Web site. watching Italian potters with doorway-wide shoulders spin clay into forms . The Cluetrain Manifesto is a work of business literature collaboratively authored by Rick Levine .. Dansk · Deutsch · Español · Français · Italiano · Português. sintesi di “ecologia di Internet” il seguito del celebre Cluetrain Manifesto. Quindici Da due degli autori del Cluetrain,Doc Searls and David Weinberger .. Edizione Italiana a cura di Martina Dal Negro e Patrizia Grandicelli.

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About Click on a clue number for a link. Click to make this page Safe itapiano Work Children Translations: It has been sixteen years since our previous communication.

In that time the People of the Internet — you and me and all our friends of friends of friends, unto the last Kevin Bacon — have made the Internet an awesome place, filled with wonders and portents. When we first came before you, it was to warn of the threat posed by those who did not understand that they did not understand the Internet.

The Marauders understand the Internet all too well. They view it as theirs to plunder, extracting our data and money from it, thinking that we are the fools. A horde is an undifferentiated mass of people. Ktaliano the italaino of the Internet is that it lets us connect as diverse and distinct individuals. We all like mass entertainment. Its almighty power is vluetrain we can make of it whatever we want.

It is therefore not time to lean back and consume the oh-so-tasty junk food created by Fools and Marauders as if our work were done.

The Cluetrain Manifesto

It is time to breathe in the fire of the Net and transform every institution that would play us for a patsy. An organ-by-organ body snatch of the Internet is already well underway. We have grown old together on the Internet. We, the People of the Internet, need to remember the ita,iano of its revelation so that we reclaim it now in the name of what it truly is. Not the governments of the Earth nor their Trade Associations have the consent of the networked to bestride the Net as sovereigns.

The Internet is no-thing mainfesto all. The first among these is: Thy network shall move all packets closer to their destinations without favor or delay based on origin, source, content, or intent.

Thus does this First Commandment cluefrain open the Internet to every idea, application, business, quest, vice, and whatever. This means the Internet is not for anything in particular. Not for social networking, not for documents, not for advertising, not for business, not for education, not for porn, not for anything. It is specifically designed for everything. Optimizing the Internet for one purpose de-optimizes it for all others.


The Internet like gravity is indiscriminate in its attraction. It pulls us all together, the virtuous and the wicked alike. There is great content on the Internet. But holy mother of cheeses, the Internet is not made out of content.

On the Net, we are manfesto medium. We are the ones who move messages. We do so every time we post or retweet, send a link in an email, or post it on a social network. Unlike a medium, you and I leave our fingerprints, cpuetrain sometimes bite marks, on the messages we pass.

We argue with it. We add a joke. We make these messages our own. InTim Berners-Lee used the Net to create manifestl gift he gave freely to us all: The Web is an impossibly large, semi-persistent realm of items discoverable in their dense inter-connections. Unlike the real world, every thing and every connection clietrain the Web was created by some one of manifexto expressing an interest and an assumption about how those small pieces go together. Every link by a person with something to say is an act of generosity and selflessness, bidding our readers leave our page to see how the world looks to someone else.

Ebooks In Italiano Free Download The Cluetrain Manifesto 10th Anniversary Edition Pdf Pdb Chm

We can say this much: Viewed coldly the Net is just technology. The Net offers us a common place where we can be who we are, with others who delight in our differences. The italiaho is spread out before us like a buffet, and yet we stick with our steak and potatoes, lamb and hummus, fish and rice, or whatever.

We do this in part because conversation requires a common clietrain Shared grounds spawn tribes. Tribes give rise to Us vs.

The Cluetrain Manifesto – Wikipedia

We can do it, team! In our own way. The more machines sound human, the more they slide down cluetrin the uncanny valley where everything is a creep show. Advertisers got along without being creepy for generations. They can get along without being creepy on the Net, too. But put all the closed apps in the world together and you have a pile of apps. As we move from the Web to an app-based worldwe lose iitaliano commons we were building together. Non-neutral applications built on top of the neutral Net are becoming as inescapable as the pull of a black hole.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple are all in the goggles business. The biggest truth their goggles obscure: These companies want to hold us the way black holes hold light. These corporate singularities are dangerous not because they are evil. Many of them in fact engage in quite remarkably civic behavior.

They should be applauded for that. But they benefit from the gravity of sociality: And then we need to honor the sound we make when any of us bravely pulls away from them. Ok, government, you win. Now, what can we do to make sure you use it against Them and not against Us? In fact, can you tell lcuetrain difference?


Do you hear that, Security for Privacy trade-off? How long do you think it took for pre-Web culture to figure out where to draw the lines? How old is culture? We can only figure out what it means to be private once we figure out what it means to be social. The Internet is astounding. The Web is awesome. Connect us all and we are more crazily amazing than Jennifer Lawrence. These are simple facts. And a discussion about. And an argument over. Is it not clear how awesome that is?

You want to know what to buy? The business that makes an object of desire is now the worst source of information about it. The best source is all of us. We were going to tell you how to fix the Internet in four easy steps, but the only one we could remember is the last one: So instead, here are some random thoughts…. We should have the courage to ask for the help we need.

We have a culture that defaults to sharing and laws that default to copyright. Copyright has its place, but when in doubt, open it up. But you already knew that. All trolls, out of the pool!

Wherever the conversation is happening, no one owes you a response, no matter how reasonable your argument or how winning your smile.

Sure, apps offer a nice experience. But the Web is about links that constantly reach out, connecting us without end. For lives and ideas, completion is death.

Anger is a license to be stupid. We, the People of the Net, cannot fathom how much we can do together because we are far from finished inventing how to be together. These New Clues are designed to be shared and re-used without our permission. Use them however you want. Make them your own. We only request that you please point back at this original page http: If you are a developer, the text of this page is openly available at GitHub for programmatic re-use.

To make it as easy as possible to share, use, and re-use the clues, we have itaoiano all the text on this italiaon into the public domain via a Creative Commons 0 license.