Does the perfect kiss exist? This smart and funny modern romance from the author of Flipped explores the pleasures and perils of love. Perfect for fans. May 13, Sixteen-year-old Evangeline Logan is a serial kisser. She kisses Author Wendelin Van Draanen brings her trademark honesty and humor to. May 5, Confessions of a Serial Kisser. Wendelin Van Draanen, Author. Knopf $ ( p) ISBN

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This mission soon becomes an obsession In Confessions of a Serial Kisser, Evangeline has always been a “good girl,” receiving good grades, hanging out with “good friends.

She identifies with music and listens to it constantly, which is a truly believable characteristic. Open Preview See a Problem? Also, the fact that Evangeline seems to be a self-taught master hair stylist is also a little unbelievable, and that she has to “babe herself up” to get guys is also a disappointing.

CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KISSER by Wendelin Van Draanen | Kirkus Reviews

draandn Evangeline’s penance was hard enough, although I wish she wasn’t such a whiny girl about it. One of these books, A Crimson Kiss, draws her in, and she sets upon a mission to get her own crimson kiss.

But that only makes Evangeline more determined to find the kiss of her dreams. Books by Wendelin Van Draanen. And so she lived Mar 19, Tina rated it it was ok Shelves: I literally could not put confessione down, it had me laughing nonstop. She quotes, “Kissing is just like saying Hi” Now I would’ve been okay with that if only something really happened in the book.


Or something like that. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Book: Confessions of a Serial Kisser

By kissing boys of course. She kisses boys without thinking of the repercussions, and she’s super quick to judge others when she herself is not a model of good behavior. After a make-over, she selects her target, the hottie in the homeroom. I loved the opening chapters where we are introduced to the narrator, Evangeline, and catch a glimpse of the premise.


How could she expect that she’d find that perfect crimson kiss by kissing random boys — by random, I mean strangers too! It was also interesting to see this father-daughter angst. My name is Evangeline Bianca Logan, and I am a serial kisser. Is this book good?

I thought that this book was funny,descriptive,and entertaining. Yet the focus is never really on one guy in particular. This book is really funny because of all the stress she goes through to find the perfect kiss. I’m sorry, what an idiot. I’m on the fence with Confessions of A Serial Kisser.

It’s hard to explain really. And forget getting a boy anywhere NEAR this book. But it got old so fast, and just turned tacky and frustrating. We are experiencing technical difficulties.


After reading this book, every time I look at guys now, I keep thinking about kissing them. There was serila mention of emancipation at some point in the book because I thought her attitude was kind of too young for her age. How her kissing issues connect with her home issues was also explained, and at least that gives an overall hopeful resolution for them. It’s the truth that your lips whisper to someone you love. With the help of her best friend, Adrianne, Evangeline sets her sights on the boy that she thinks might possible give her the crimson kiss, she has been seeking, Robbie Marshall.

Jan 23, Katy rated it it was ok. Sep 08, Callie rated it liked it Shelves: And so much unnecessary drama. I enjoyed the plot of this book, although the writing was simple.

There were also some awkward passages that didn’t really seem to fit. But maybe others will feel differently. I’m definitely not the kind of person who would do what she did, but let’s setial honest now: