Dark video tutorial playlist. (24 videos) Dark Helper is now available in Visual Basic Express. I included the download in this. Thread. dark ai/ezrotate work for 2 Posts Tutorial: Huge Dungeons . 5 Posts Dark GDK apps wont run on other machines. please help. 25 Posts. I have installed Visual C++ Express Edition, the August DirectX c SDK, and finally the Dark GDK. Now, what I am having problems with.

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Help with C++ and Dark GDK

Just add the zip file to your VB templates folder yutorial run visual basic and it should appear in your project list. I’ll be back to doing tutorials tomorrow so I’ll throw that together for you while I’m at it.

That would be Great. I have a main 3d building object that has 4 attached outbuildings.

I don’t have internet access where I am at. I just finished up the basic artificial intelligence series and now I will be working on an users guide for Dark World Viewer and then I will pick back up the tutorials.

VB is just with shiny packaging and a few minor changes to the API. I might have to part with a buck or two and upgrade. I’m adding support for terrain creation into Dark World Viewer nextthen I’ll be working on finishing the last part of Dark Helper which is the automated gravity. Yes I went ahead and did that.


Dark GDK Tutorials?? – GameCreators Forum

Now I have to figure it out not to good with grk. Hopefully I should be done with in the next 2 weeks. I added the Dark Helper Template to the downloads on this thread. You did a real good job with them. Please watch the tutorials about installation they contain basic instructions on getting the project to workenjoy! Gfk video guide has an accompanying sample project.

Profile PM Email Website. I would suggest just upgrading to Visual Basic or express. I can’t convert the first 11 tutorials down to because the format they are in totally differs from the default GDK format. The Dark Helper Kit download will be unavailable for about 1 week.

Ok Thanks jojoofu I will give it a try. Sorry your browser is not supported! I rark been going over your tutorials and I have picked up a lot of things that I had problems with. I put that on the back burner. So I will be waiting for your tutorials to unfold. I am still watching them.

I am sure other pepole that still run VS will also appreciate this. But I did as tutoriak said for the template for it starts to run but it freezs up when trying to load the model. Forum Home Search Login. The only major difference between and is that has integrated support for windows 7 style forms. Thats where I stoped and downloaded express.

Sorry your browser is not supported!

But may go back to that. If anyone knows of any free file hosting sites please let me know ” The best slaves are the ones who think they are free. I have an issue I am trying to resolve, perhaps you can help. Attachments Login to view attachments.


It would only take a few minutes. It works fine for most purposes and could be used temporarily until you decide if you want to upgrade. Hey this is great, thank you Here are the links enabled, part 1 – getting started http: I tryed that megaupload links, but that domenname and and files were seized by the USA governmetnet and i just can’t find another places for downloaded your the source files of the tutorials.

It puts on the screen “Please stand by loading model”. Going over the collision now. The quickest and easiest method is to do the following: My pleasureonce I have version 2.

Dark GDK – GameCreators Forum

You will need Dark World Viewer to create Xobjectsbut you could easily translate the code gdi into your project. However once I start doing the advanced level design tutorial I will look into how to use those. I’m taking a break from the coding portion to do a small series on 3d modeling then I’m coming back to the code portion.

I’ll move them over to my website tomorrow. Been taking care of some personal business over the last few days.