MC Three-terminal Positive Voltage Regulator These voltage regulators are monolithic integrated circuits designed as fixedvoltage regulators for a wide. MC Fairchild datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components. Motorola Semiconductor MC datasheet, (MC Series) Three Terminal Positive Fixed Voltage Regulators (1-page), MC datasheet, MC pdf.

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Email Required, but never shown. Load and line regulation are specified at constant junction temperature.

A control element xatasheet vary the resistance in practice a transistor so that the output voltage will remain constant regardless of input voltage and load. Even though the typical dropout voltage is 2 volts, you should use the maximum value in your design.

How does it go from a Maximum dropout voltage to a minimum input voltage? Machine Model Method V.

That means that when your load consumes 10W the switcher will only dissipate 1W. If we look further we can see two values for line regulation; it appears that this is best if the input voltage is at least 16V. They are like a variable series resistor between input and output, causing a voltage drop across the regulator. This is a snapshot of page The is a non-LDO linear regulator, which means it needs a higher input voltage. On page 6 of the datasheet, the maximum dropout voltage Vd is listed as 2.


The datasheet does say how much it needs, but you may have to look for it. Output Noise Voltage – The rms ac voltage at the output, with constant load and no input ripple, measured over a specified datasheef range.

MC Datasheet PDF –

If you have an input voltage of 20V the same 1A will be drawn from that 20V. Current Regulator Figure dayasheet. Therefore it’s best to keep the input voltage just above the minimum to prevent the regulator to become overheated. The difference of 8W will be dissipated in the regulator. Resistor R in conjunction with the VBE of the PNP determines datashheet the pass transistor begins conducting; this circuit is not short circuit proof.

Load Regulation – The change in output voltage for a change in load current at constant chip temperature.

The minimum voltage obtainable with this arrangement is 2. No External Components Required? Representative Schematic Diagram http: Internal Thermal Overload Protection?

For example, a 1. There are LDOs Low Drop-Out which still can regulate the output if the input is only a few hundreds of mV higher and there are even ultra low drop-out types which only need a few tens of mV.

Output Current in Excess of 1. In many low current applications, compensation capacitors are not required. The maximum dropout voltage Vd is 2. Since the output is 12 volts, you add the daasheet together to get a minimum input of This is a snapshot of page 8: Long Term Stability – Output voltage stability under accelerated life test conditions with the maximum rated voltage listed in the devices’ electrical datasheef and datasneet power dissipation.


NCV prefix is for automotive and other applications requiring site and change control.

MC Datasheet pdf – 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator – Fairchild Semiconductor

However, it is recommended that the regulator input be bypassed with a capacitor if the regulator is connected to the power supply filter with long wire lengths, or if the output load capacitance is large.

In order to minimize dissipation the MCC is chosen in this application. A is a linear regulator, and does not step up the input voltage if the input is below the output for that you need a DC-DC boost regulator. The measurement is made under conditions of low dissipation or by using pulse techniques such that the average chip temperature is not significantly affected.

The bypass mc781 should be mounted with the shortest possible leads directly across the regulators input terminals.

MC7812 Datasheet

If so, what is the current like that it outputs? Extended exposure to stresses above the Recommended Operating Conditions may affect device reliability.

Changes in VO due to heating effects must be taken into account separately.