Digital Arithmetic (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) [Miloš D. Ercegovac, Tomás Lang] on *FREE* shipping on . Digital Arithmetic by Ercegovac, Milos D., Lang, Tomás. (Morgan Kaufmann, ) [Hardcover] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. can be simplified. 0. 0. 0. 0. Figure 9. Implementation of a 5 В 5 multiplier. (a) Modules. (b) Network. (Adapted from Ercegovac, et al. (21). DIGITAL ARITHMETIC.

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint. Trier 1 Trier 2. Wen YanMilos D. ErcegovacHe Chen: Radix-4 energy efficient carry-free truncated multiplier. Ching-En LeeMilos D. An error-compensated piecewise linear logarithmic wrcegovac unit for phong lighting acceleration. Dong WangMilos D.

ErcegovacYang Xiao: M, p, k -Friendly Points: ErcegovacLu Meng: Low-power radix-4 quotient generator. Power optimization of sum-of-products design for signal processing applications. Ercegivac optimization in a parallel multiplier using voltage islands. Jason CongMilos D.

fpga robotics Cordic | Avinash Raj –

Energy-efficient computing using adaptive table lookup based on nonvolatile memories. ErcegovacRobert McIlhenny: Shared implementation of radix and radix square root algorithm with limited precision primitives. Pouya DormianiMilos D. Linearization using efficient complex polynomial evaluations. Nicolas BrisebarreMilos D. ErcegovacJean-Michel Muller: Trading Accuracy for Power in a Multiplier Architecture. Low Power Electronics 7 4: Shared implementation of radix and radix division algorithm with limited precision primitives.


CavallaroMilos D. ErcegovacNanning Zheng: Signal Processing Systems 58 1: Implementing decimal floating-point arithmetic through binary: Combining leak-resistant arithmetic for elliptic curves defined over F p and RNS representation.

ErcegovacJeong-A Lee: Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers 18 4: A radix-8 complex divider for FPGA implementation. An efficient method for evaluating polynomial and rational function approximations. Florent de DinechinMilos D. Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering Complex Square Root with Operand Prescaling.

A Design Method for Heterogeneous Adders. Zhijun HuangMilos D. ErcegovacJavier D. High-Radix Logarithm with Selection by Rounding: Pavan AdharapurapuMilos D. Robert McIlhennyMilos D.

RennelsMilos D. ErcegovacZhijun Huang: Performance-driven mapping for CPLD architectures.

BrugueraMilos D. On-line high-radix exponential with selection by rounding. High-Radix Logarithm with Selection by Rounding. Two-dimensional signal gating for low-power array multiplier design. SrivastavaMilos D. ErcegovacJohn D. ErcegovacLaurent ImbertDavid W. FischerMilos D. TencaMilos D. ErcegovacDarko KirovskiMiodrag Potkonjak: StanAlexandre F.

Behavioral synthesis optimization using multiple precision arithmetic. Raffi DionysianMilos D. Vector quantization with compressed codebooks. Vector quantization with variable-precision classification.

Image Processing 5 On recoding in arithmetic algorithms. LouieMilos D. A variable-precision square root implementation for field programmable gate arrays. The Journal of Supercomputing 9 3: Sign detection and comparison networks with a small number of transitions.

FernandoMilos D. Conventional and on-line arithmetic designs for high-speed recursive digital filters. Implementing division with field eigital gate arrays. Very high radix division with selection by rounding and prescaling. On digit-recurrence division implementations for field programmable gate arrays.


DIGITAL ARITHMETIC Miloš D. Ercegovac Computer Science …

LiuMilos D. Symbolic Synthesis of Parallel Processing Systems. IEEE Computer 25 8: Alex KapelnikovRichard R. MuntzMilos D.

A methodology for performance analysis of parallel computations with looping constructs. Data Compression Conference TuMilos D. Gate array implementation of on-line algorithms for floating-point operations.

DIGITAL ARITHMETIC Miloš D. Ercegovac Computer Science –

Application of on-line arithmetic algorithms to the SVD computation: Simple Radix-4 Division with Opterands Scaling. Ralph Hans Brackert Jr. ErcegovacAlan N. Design of an on-line multiply-add module for recursive digital filters. Design of on-line division unit. Radix-4 square root without initial PLA. Ercgovac rounding for division and square root. Heterogeneity in supercomputer architectures.

Parallel Computing 7 3: A radix-4 on-line division algorithm. On-line scheme for computing rotation factors. Jean-Luc GaudiotMilos D. Performance evaluation of a simulated data-flow computer with low-resolution actors.

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A division algorithm with prediction of quotient digits. MeshkinpourMilos D. A functional language for description and design of digital systems: Dorab PatelMartine D.