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They are enough to hold your attention but I am not jumping out of my seat or recommending the books to perdidox. Check out me other reviews at https: Emily documents her strrange while trying to figure out who she isand why she’s in this beige forsaken town that happens to be named Blackrock. How will she be able to accomplish her mission if Boris has been getting in the way?

But it seemed that she knew many unusual things, such as repair anything broken including golemshow to throw stones accurately, and how to play Calamity Poker after watching the game for some time, while others have to do some bloody ritual first, and learn it for years, before understand the rules.

Sometimes during this book I caught myself thinking, persidos want to be Emily the Strange! Jun 25, Xyra rated it really liked it.

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This would have helped me immensely. Able to leap tall buildings, probably, if she felt l 13 Elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel: Being middle grade, these are very easy to read, but it’s nice emly have something light and easy every once on a while.

Able to leap tall buildings, probably, if she felt like it. She met Stranbe, Pearl, and Caleb, who looks like her psychic friend, Jakey. Definitely not a good role model for other 13 year olds. The mystery behind her would have been cool.


Other than the less-weirdness stuff, the story is still basically kewl. Published December 28th by Harper first published There are a lot of terms that might have been explained in the previous books.

This book gives the readers many references and knowledge that bring positive influence in the future. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone though, hte it is a very strange one as I previously stressed.

Emily the Strange takes on homeschooling with a uniquely strange syllabus. There are some scenarios that doesn’t seem to fit the story, which I would to like believe is intentionally done by the author.

For example, she didn’t think over about the troubles she would encounter if she went back in time. Ridiculously quirky and delightful.

Lee un libro Emily the Strange: Los días perdidos, Rob Reger

Diary seems authentic with scribbles, doodles, drool stains 13 Things I enjoyed about Emily the Strange: The frist pages contain gripping investigation with amnesia, black cats but after Emily’s adventure is documented in her journal, via her unique blend of writing, drawings and notes on each page will engage fans and reluctant readers a like.

I took the book out of the library instead of My first foray into Emily Strange happened when I saw a drawing of her on the computer once. Venus Fang Fang – a very interesting character, whom I came to like after I found out about her real identity 3.

Strange is the new normal for Emily and it looks great on her. Ive enjoyed it very much.

Dark Times (Emily the Strange Novels, #3) by Rob Reger

Emily has never stayed in a proper school for more than 3 days so this year, she’s decided to try home-schooling with her mother and herself as her teachers. But apart Okay, this book was adorable. But for Emily The Strange standard, I feel this one is less strange than it should’ve been.


It’s all started when, for some strange reason, Emily wanted to enroll to a school. Jul 05, Lindsey rated it really liked it. This is more 3. Feb 28, Utami rated it really liked it. But once I got into the story and the writing style became familiar I fell in love!

A virtuo-spastic guitarist 6. Dark Times is a book I had to re-read long parts of. Rob Reger remains the key creative force behind the brand, and Buzz Parker is the key illustrator for the comic books and website.

The Lost Days

Somebody told me it was terrible and seemed like it was written by a kid The cause of her death was said to be the white fever plague. This is especially evidenced by the fact that you start on diary page Emily The Strange Volume 4: And I’m really thhe forward to finding out more about young Earwig and why she has some of these quirks and abilities that she has.

She is sarcastic and smart — she asks quirky questions and has crazy conversations. What an odd book! Emily the strange Jessica Gruner. But there’s a perdudos. It made me feel like I was actually there, right beside Emily, which barely any writers can do. I felt like I was reading an alternate universe Stephanie. Not gonna lie I was kinda bored. Artistic talent – the mural is outstanding!

But Emily’s timing couldn’t be worse. The Emily the Strange books are undoubtedly my favourite series of books. You can download the soft file of this book in this website.