Content strategy is the web’s hottest new thing. But where did it come from? Why does it matter? And what does the content renaissance mean for you? This brief. Erin Kissane is a content strategist and editor based in New York City and Portland, Oregon. She currently leads projects for content strategy. A note from the editors: We are delighted to present an excerpt of The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane (A Book Apart, ).

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If you are involved on the marketing and web side of things, and have no interest in expanding into other content realms,this is certainly for you. Xontent particularly jived with this book because Kissane also comes from an editorial background with a shared weakness for the Chicago Manual of Edin.

Stay current with the latest in tech comm. I help people plan for, design, make, publish, and maintain really good content online. Look for entry-level jobs in web editorial, online marketing, or information management. This one makes you better. Erin is one of the leaders of this emerging field, so it’s great to get strxtegy perspective on the subject. But for those who have been in the field for some time, this may not be of much use to them. This book is painfully dry.

That wasn’t one of the three options. I always have ern with these sorts of books. A great little introduction to content strategy. Some areas like ongoing content ass First chapter is excellent. This is ultimately a little tough. Vontent about liberal arts majors in particular? What is a page template good for? Its main benefit was thus showing me that I definitely do not want to work in content strategy full time. Jan 22, Chad Warner rated it liked it Shelves: Jason is a tech entrepreneur and talent expert.


I can see that, if web writing weren’t your immediate objective, the writing might be a little dry. A good way to deal with this is to have experts review the content after it is written by others.

I was thinking is giving it 3 stars because I didn’t really get the feeling of learning much. Every option has pros and cons. It makes everything more difficult to find, and results in lower quality content.

In about 75 pages, she lays out the principles of content strategy, sttrategy its origins, and then outlines her methodology for doing content strategy. Other than that, an interesting book for the most part, but not as easy a read as other books I’ve read from this publisher Responsive Web Design, Designing for Emotion Hence the 4 stars. This book is mostly for those thinking that they need to publish content.

Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

Strategists I’ve worked with who align to those principles have been highly successful; strategists who work off of “please the client” principles instead have caused nothing but kidsane for otherwise on-track work. I read an advanced copy, so I’ve been planning to purchase one for a friend or peer in order to support the good folks at A Book Apart.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Writers, copywriters, digital media professionals. The length of the book fits in with A Book Apart’s “brief books” formatsbut Erin covers so much in 75 pages that she fulfills all expectations within that space.

It’s mostly about the kinds of people that need to be involved, their contnt description, what they should be doing in terms of reports, activities, etc. The style in which the book is written is terribly boring.


May 11, Tore rated it it was ok Shelves: But the title The Elements of Content Strategy led me to expect more “elements” and less “history of. I understand that it’s not like a tech book which can give you specific strategies and code examples, but I personally would have preferred more space allotted to things like content audits – the more hands-on sections – than the focus on what content strategy is and how it fits into the general scheme of stratefy. One of my desks is at Studiomates, a collective workspace in Brooklyn, and my other is at home, surrounded by a henge of white bookshelves.

Yet if you expand the search beyond Utahyou see quite a few.

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Aug 30, Jonathan Elliman rated it it was ok. Probably not, but perhaps by focusing on content strategy rather than creation, I could infuse it with better messaging, focus, consistency, metadata, findability, etc. I play a small role managing new content for the blog at tech. Of course actually implementing content strategy may take months or years.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Although he contributed many of the core content strategy deliverables mentioned earlier, the stake holders also expected him to create the content as well. Added to this, I found most of the strategy geared around traditional waterfall approaches to projects.

And then, if you can handle the excitement, you turn to the most important part of the book: But where did it xtrategy from? Jun 02, pri rated it really liked it Shelves: