Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop FERMAX AUDIO AUTOMATIC SWITCHER. Maximum 7 accesses. 1 switcher is required for each audio/video door access. In installations with 2 accesses, only 1 switcher is needed. For residential. Find great deals for Fermax Ref Automatic Audio Switcher. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Fermax Corporate

RS Cable included ref. They can be joined laterally within the same series by means of a joining bolt set ref.

Remote management via internet is possible if there are no protection devices firewall in the computer installation. Automatic opening when the authorised 811 phone is within range of the receiver, or by means of a keypad confirmation or introducing a PIN.

They must be programmed with the number of the home in which they are installed. Add an 8 Automatic functioning and small shield. Extensions without extra power supply 3 LOFT telephones ref.

The image ferax after a few seconds, or when the handset is replaced.

Recommended for fermx access and remote control of devices: Lighting for night vision by LEDs. Adjust of conversation volume control from monitor, outdoor panel and synthesizer message. To manage the users and the AC Server sofware restrictions. Able to resist Needed in codified digital panels. Press to call the apartment fdrmax keying the door number on the keypad. S1 XX55 Loft reader dimensions: Delay in delivery shall by no means entitle for the Buyer to cancel the order or thereby representation.


Maximum distance to Central Pc twisted pair Unit: A1 F1 A1 F1 Electrical lock release. The keypad incorporates an access control function VDS codes. Bluetooth must be activated in order to receive opening and administration commands ferma well as being able to send the corresponding configuration commands.

Extension call modules are not required. Additional characters incur a separate charge. Accepts a reader for entrance and another for exit, exit button, door sensor, free access button. It is distinguished by its resistant cover with ultraviolet protection, its digital audio quality, its capacitive keypad and its OSD screen menu.

To configure the hardware central unit, readers, decoders, etc. Frontal card slot access. LYNX sets new standards for processing power and performance for video door entry system equipments allowing: F1 Electric lock 12Vac ref.

Fermax General Catalogue

High sensitivity electret microphone. VIVO provides comprehensive and effective – Any other VIVO monitor in the same control over communication, security and installation and accepted as a friend. Incorporates one relay to activate the fermxx release and another for auxiliary functions. S5 x Flush box dimensions: Access to any telephone.

The activation can be automatic when a call is received or by means of a specific button on the telephone or monitor. A complete DUOX system consists of: Technology has never been so easy.


No need for any special configuration for LYNX. It automatically closes the lock bolt without having to use the key and allows remote opening from the dwelling.

Fermax Corporate | FERMAX

High power and performance 2W amplifier. Call to 881 and door opener button. Products case of damage or loss. Every endeavour will be made by the handling or installation are excluded from Company to adhere to the delivery dates warranty. DUOX power supply adaptor module ref. When the handset is picked-up a conversation with the visitor can take place. The user will receive aditional information regarding the call status on screen: Allows to cover gaps in the panel for future module installations.

VIVO is a tribute to cutting edge technology with the style. ST1 x Marine flush box dimensions: A single code for all emitters.

With an extra slim format, it is manufactured in a high resistant ABS plastic with a texturised finish. A1 18Vdc power supply ref. Records and stores audio messages. A1 T1 Tn Loft telephone ref. Credit customers must settle accounts within Company. Fer,ax, extra slim with a unique design.