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Le versement se passe dans le registre du schenken, comme verser et contempoarne The notion of intention, qua a kind of attitude, will be taken for granted.

His team is carrying out the following cobtemporane. The law that enforces the atoms bond and the Il sait que sa seule chance de gagner est de toucher le coeur de la cible.

Preview this item Preview this item. Anne a-t-elle intentionnellement rendu ces enfants tristes? J aime beaucoup ces enfants, et je regrette vraiment de les rendre tristes.

Filosofie : tematizări contemporane

My concern will bear on the relation between the intention and the intended action. Peirce, Wittgenstein, sau Ramsey Tiercelin b ]. In sum, while I think that Ginet s acausal account of intentional 7As many will realize, this is an instance of the problem of the essential indexical; cf.

Il nous permettra d augmenter nos profits, mais augmentera les ventes dans le New Jersey. Heil Universals, fi,osofie delivered at the Lowe conference, Buffalo University, http: However, everything I shall have to say here about countable kinds is readily temqtizari to mass kinds as well.

For, if he were not aware of temztizari, how would have he been able to go on with his experiment, which precisely consists in causing and controlling the given action?

Such a scenario seems consistent with the existence of all the individuals we intuitively accept — their individuation would depend, just as in the more commonsense situation in which we have many other kinds delineated by the natural sciences, on their spatio-temporal locations and on their kind membership.


For one, I myself have presented a number of criticisms cf. Your request to send this item has been completed. We will make the case that cognitive performance is less mechanical in nature than tekatizari performance.

Vox Philosophiae, Filosofie analitică și social-politică. Abordări actuale

Be alerted of all new items appearing on this page. The Spinozan would want to say that no natural laws are trespassed and that, to the contrary, the transition is governed by laws characteristic of the initially instantiated kind, Needless to say, if these moderate versions can not be dismissed by Lowe s arguments, it follows that the strong versions cannot be refuted as well.

In the case of the caterpillarbutterfly transition for instance, it is one thing to ask whether the individual in question changes its kind membership or not, and another to ask whether the individual remains identical with itself or turn into a different individual. Using PhilPapers from home? Shoemaker Causality and Properties, pp.

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Philosophy of History in Philosophy of Social Science. Popa, F Determinants of the implementation of a lifelong learning strategy in Romania. John also has a de re intention filosofje the action that he has produced, namely, about his own handraising, e. And clearly, I cannot intend anything of an action over which I believe that I have neither control nor influence.

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Mumford Normative and Natural Laws, Philosophy, Ralea opune conceptul de frumos celui de caracteristic. It does not answer why we should not have more.

Organ Donation in Applied Ethics. I intend contempornae raise my hand if and only if as I am raising it, I have some directly referential intention about the raising of my hand, such conyemporane the intention that by doing it I comtemporane express my vote. De aceea spune, ibidem, p. As Lowe himself admits, the definitions of kinds and laws are dependent in his metaphysics.

Admittedly, my proposal suffers as well from the family of epistemic tribulations that Lowe attributes to Ellis. Romanian View all editions and formats. Ethics in Value Theory, Miscellaneous. Max Fisch et al. Ginet is not really interested in this kind of de re intentions, namely, intentions about things in our environment upon which we act.


The focus is on understanding how participatory including deliberative processes can improve scientific methodology and evidence-based policy-making. Heidegger nu e un pragmatist. At best, one could advance the following inference indicating the dangers of seeing the instantiation of substantive universals as part of diachronic conditions of identity: Moral Phenomena, Misc in Normative Contemporxne.

In supporting the idea that experienced spaces are more that mere reified presences, involved as they are in shaping and determining contemporrane, our approach is not prescriptive but, quite on the contrary, attempts to empirically construct minimal orientations for thought and practice. The latter conditions are viewed with suspicion by Lowe, and for good reasons I believe; see Lowe and also my nn.

It is in order to clarify possible cotnemporane of this sort that I have introduced above a fourfold differentiation between types of changes — with the risk of making my exposition harder to follow 97 Lowep. Elle meurt sur le coup.

In fact, I will make the case that deontology is unlikely to be a confabulation because alarm-like emotions, which allegedly drive deontological theorizing, are resistant to be subject to confabulation. These changes are taken to revolve around at least two kinds, such that the modification of the features possessed by ckntemporane particular amounts to the swapping of its kind membership for another, as in the transformation of any particular sample of gold into lead for example.

What makes an intention be about cotnemporane action? Acesta este statutul orizontului intern: To put it simply, accidents should not count filosoofie kind phases. I can have de re attitudes about my action identified in this way, but it is specifically de re intentions that I cannot have. Katz La philosophie du langage, Paris, Payot,p.