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The output circuits are protected against overload by the under voltage protection. Repeat the above settings and procedure for CH3 and CH4. There is a certain instability in the starting point, the so called jitter, of the DTB.

PM 3082 Oscilloscope

Page This delay is verified in the following test. This procedure is intended to: If not present install 2 penlight LR6 back up batteries in the holder at the rear panel of the oscilloscope. Set CH1 to 0.

If working on the unit under live condition cannot be avoided, it must be done by a qualified technician who is aware of the dangers involved. This eliminates calibration inaccuracies due to temperature changes.

Every attenuator basically consists of four sections. See also section 9. This is present on all 4 channels. Some of these tluke remain some time after disconnecting the instrument from the mains. Remove all superfluous soldering material. The display part and power supply must be OK. This delay is verified in the following test.


The output signal is voltage and is applied to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT.

It can function on a wide range of LINE input voltages. However, many of the standard electronic components can be obtained from other local suppliers.

Enter text from picture: In this test, the values of frequency and voltage are checked. Remove the rotary knobs. Page of Go. It is built up around triple analog multiplexer D A good knowledge of the circuitry of the oscilloscope is necessary to take advantage of these tests. This takes approximately one minute. The value of this shift is measured here.

Here, the accuracy of this range is checked.

After exchange it must be filled with operating software and calibration data. The common mode rejection ratio CMRR is a measure of susceptibility to common mode signals.

Fluke PM – Specs, Manuals & Buy

Table Of Contents 6. The linearity of the vertical amplifier is checked by moving a signal with a fixed amplitude vertically over the entire screen area. Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. Within 2 minutes the instrument automatically does its main calibrations.


Also the vertical CRT text signal is applied to D pin 15 and In a sequence. Use a 50Q termination. Input Characteristics Note 1: In practice, a low frequency signal with an amplitude equivalent to 24 divisions must be displayed with no distortion. The oscillation principle is now explained with the simplified diagram in the figure.

Page – Maximum phase shift between horizontal a Press the CAL key for a few seconds to start the autocal procedure.

Sensitivity MHz 1. Item Ordering code Description Earth ffluke Front frame CRT frontrubber Light conductor On the XYZ unit there are parts that carry high voltages. For instruments with switchable input impedance it is recommended to make use of this feature. The option is factory-installable only.

The HF section for frequencies above 5 kHz. When ready, the oscilloscope is fine tuned to optimal accuracy.