Ich wiedza dotyczy następujących obszarów: wtrysk, współwtrysk, wytłaczanie i rozdmuchiwanie; systemy grzanych kanałów i technologie formowania; kontrola . Mold-Masters (marka produktów Milacron) jest jednym z wiodących na świecie dostawców systemów i rozwiązań technologicznych w zakresie kanałów. Wtryskowe formowanie poliamidów. Pomimo, że tworzywa poliamidowe MINLON ® i ZYTEL® są przetwarzane wtryskowo od ponad 50 lat, to wciąż.

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Mechanik,nrs. Pomiary, Automatyka i Kontrola,nr 6, s.

injection (moulding)? | Polish to English | Engineering (general)

University, USA, 4. Micro Injection Moulding of Components Microsystems. Recent Advances in Mechatronics.

Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg Granada, Spain,t. Micro Powder Metallurgy for Micropart Production. New developments in Micro Powder Injection Moulding.

Some aspects of the injection moulding of micro parts from metal powders. Micro metal injection moulding miMIM is the process which allows to manufacture very small elements micro parts with dimensions below 1mm in large – scale production cycle, complex shape, wide range of materials and in economic way. In miMIM very fine powders are mixed with special, complex binder with thermoplastic properties. Obtained mass feedstock for injection is injected to the micro mould.


Next the binder is removed and shapes undergo sintering.

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Selected problems of micro injection moulding of micro parts is presented in this paper. It deals with first step of the micro forming process.

The metal powder used in this study was carbonyl iron powder with particles of 1 and 4 mim. The binder system was based on wax, polyethylene and paraffin.

File:Injection moulding – Wikipedia

Rheological properties of the feedstock was determined on cylinder – cylinder type rheometer in the function of shear rate and temperature. For the purpose of micro injection, special micro form was designed. Micro form was equipped in heating – cooling system and insert having 6 micro channel with cross – section ranged from 2 to mim2. The following injection parameters were used: The way of channel feeling i.

It is worth to note that characteristic threshold value of temperature above witch feeling of channel is possible occurs.


For the feedstock tested it was above 70 degrees wtrysowe Celsius. The following conclusion which may be drown from the presented research is that the higher is volume fraction of the powder in the feedstock and the smaller is the micro powder the more difficult is micro channel feeling.

It has strong connection with higher viscosity of the feedstock.