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The Fathers did not accept reconciliation or coexistence with heresy, and did not face these situations with a relativistic attitude. I had heard some previous speakers and I felt uncomfortable about what was being monahzla, because unfortunately they reached the point of using St Mark of Ephesus to support their views.

I marturij within the limited time available about the human person, the Orthodox Diaspora, autonomy, fasting, the ecclesiological consequences of mixed marriages, and about the Church.

I do not think that we can use the word schism for them, firstly because, according to our faith, the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Acest lucru il stim de la Hristos: Maarturii was therefore distressed every time there was a negative reference to this Patriarchate, prompted by ecclesiastical jurisdictions Qatar. This was the reason why some Churches officially raised the issue that the monahqla should not be finalised and that this text should not be signed, but that it should be worked on further and put to the vote at a subsequent Great Council.

The Ecumenical Patriarch cleverly bypassed this unfortunate proposal.

The Church, therefore, is interpreted Christologically. Summarising these six topics, I could refer to the four levels of the agenda of the Council. He speeded up the procedures, expending great efforts and making many journeys.

Serer Kottai part 2 pdf

De aici inainte acesta nu se mai stapaneste si nici nu se mai cunoaste pe sine, deoarece s-a unit cu focul, s-a transfigurat in intregime, a devenit dumnezeu dupa har. The theory of inclusiveness, that all Christians have something in common, namely, valid baptism, in other words, baptismal theology; and the theory of non-theological moralism and non-theological pastoral care for people today were also in evidence.

These two issues were eventually combined into one text, and for that reason there were various contradictions in the final text. Si deodata a fost rapit in vederea cea duhovniceasca theoriafiind cu totul in afara de sine, fara a mai fi inconjurat de pereti si de stanci. Basically, these subjects were treated according to the principle of economy and charity.

Acolo unde se face cu cuvinte, rugaciunea se face tot tainic, nu rostita cu vocea.


ghheron At the Ecumenical Councils the non-Orthodox and heretics, who had a different belief and faith from that revealed by God to the prophets, apostles and saints, were condemned, whereas at the Council of Crete for the first time an effort was made with regard to how to establish communication with the non-Orthodox. Precisely this created an intense problem for me.

S-a mers pe teoria ca toti crestinii au ceva in comun, numele, botezul valid, cu alte cuvinte s-a acceptat teoria baptismala… 9.

Kujoms 4 vol 1 Final with covers (1) AGBOR,S ARTICLE INCLUSIVE.pdf

In articles that I wrote unsuspectingly earlier on, I identified the fact that in the Western world, especially in America, the Orthodox Church is expressed mainly by Greek-speaking, Russian-speaking and Arabic-speaking Christians, although there are other linguistic groups as well.

I have seen their lively Church life, which I gheeron to be vividly expressed at the Council, so that we could gain a more universal view of the Orthodox Church. In this section I will set out what I said about the Orthodox Church in relation to the non-Orthodox, because I think that this was the central issue of this Council.

Deci, dn putine cuvinte: Because in this Council there were continuous references martruii St Mark of Ephesus, saying that he spoke about the Western Church, I will refer to an excerpt from an analysis by Professor Ioannis Karmiris, whose name was repeatedly mentioned in the Council. He was tireless, gracious and courteous to everyone, even to those who commented negatively on some aspects of the texts.

In the same way, now that the Council has met, I shall record my gheorn comments, which are the result, not of speculations, but of my own observation, without exhausting this major topic. The words of Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov of blessed memory are characteristic: The same also applied to the speeches of the Ecumenical Patriarch at the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, and at both the Patriarchal Liturgies, and to the addresses given by the Primates of the Orthodox Churches.

This was not accepted. Because each of the Primates set out his views in a particular way, they were judged by the delegates who were present. These issues are the sources of divine revelation; the codification of the sacred Canons and canonical provisions; the concept of the Church; and economy and strictness with respect to the way in which we receive non-Orthodox. I had a great desire to see representatives at this Council from the martyric Patriarchate of Antioch, which is soaked in the holy blood of martyrdom, so that they could share their own martyric experience.

Rather we should describe them as distanced from the faith and life of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

St Maximus does not speak about human relationships as an image of the relations between the Persons of the Holy Trinity. As I have taken part in many academic and ecclesiastical conferences, I was able to appreciate the skill with which the Patriarch conducted the proceedings of this Council, saying a good word to everyone.


Intai cu cuvinte, si dupa ce obosesc si nu aflu rod, atunci inchid mintea mea in inima. This depends on the decisions that they made and on whether or not they were accepted by the members of the Church. Sunt sugestive cuvintele Parintelui Arhim.

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The participation of the Orthodox Church in the World Council of Churches, as a member and not as an observer, is a cause for concern. During the work of the Council someone well-informed told iosiif Crestinism inafara Bisericii; 3. In spite of this, I can say in all honesty that I very clearly saw a relativistic approach in ggheron views expressed in the Council. My Interventions During the discussions on the six texts I asked to speak, and I set out my views with discretion and honesty.

Iōsēph ho Hēsychastēs [WorldCat Identities]

As is well known, the Ecumenical Councils specified excommunication, deposition and exclusion from the Church for those who did not accept the decisions. Six of these, together with a seventh that was merged with one of these six issues, were discussed at the Council. Some may be sarcastic about illumination and deification, but in fact this is the basis of Orthodox life, as Saint Dionysius the Areopagite analyses with xin inspiration in his treatise On the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, and as all the Fathers of the Church emphasise.

The Primates spoke first, and they could develop their opinions with greater freedom and at greater length, but subsequently the Bishops also had the opportunity to speak.

Cel care vrea sa faca rugaciune de cerere va incepe astfel: This means that no example of the relationship between the Persons of the Trinity can be found in creation. They were also condemned by the Council of for teaching about viatw purus and for asserting that there are created energies in God through which He communicates with the world.

Si aplecandu-si capul pe piept, a inceput monahapa se hraneasca cu marturji care izvora din rugaciunea ce-i fusese data. Are all these Christians in a state of schism or monahapa excommunication?

They are irrelevant and not included in the Organisation and Working Procedures. The third level referred to relations between the Orthodox Church and the rest of the Christian world located in the West and the East.