Ropes and their depiction · Protective elements · Basics of ropemaking. Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and. Sitemap. Home · Company · About Gleistein · Gleistein Ropes · The complete.

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This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat Twist Laid twisted rope has existed for centuries. Filaments made of several single filaments are called parallel yarns.

They ensure excellent handling and are clearly superior wherever elastic stretch is required. Jackline Abrasion resistant, elegant looks and easy to splice.

GeoTwin Polyester Exceptionally high-quality in performance and appearance, long-lasting mooring rope with water repellent finish. GeoOne Polyester Extremely durable and versatile, braided general purpose line from high tenacity polyester. Tasmania Outstandingly balanced, long-lasting and flexible sheet with excellent priceperformance ratio. The hollow braid is fully comprised of load-bearing fibres.

Gleistein – Wikipedia

Heat set for uncompromisingly light shrouds and stays rope smallest wind drag. Polyester, polyamide and polypropylene are high-strength fibres and provide especially well-balanced all-round properties at moderate prices.


This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. Ropes and their depiction. Torque-free ropes that are not manufactured by twisting — as is the case with laid ropes — but rather through weaving, crossing or intertwining the strands.

GeoTwist Polyamide Outstanding absorption properties at low cost. GeoTwist Thempest The ultimate rope for traditional vessels: No creep under constant loads, extreme strength, exemplary all-round characteristics, attractively priced.

A wide range of gleidtein fibres are processed into over 5, different kinds of rope. For extremely light shrouds and stays, as well as control lines. Laid twisted rope has existed for centuries. It gleisstein a square cross-section. Starting from on, the Herkulestauwerk lit. Buoyant and available in various colours.

A flexible highperformance line without intermediate cover for easy splicing. We support you with our know-how and help you choose the right rope.

And Gleistein Ropes, with its stretching technology, can truly claim to be a worldwide leader in this area, so that the strength and stretch of braided ropes has been further optimised. It is manufactured through the unidirectional interweaving of strands.


Basics of ropemaking

The sail makers cord. In his hometown Vegesack part of Bremen todaythe Georg-Gleistein-Strasse wears the founder’s name. Rope Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. GeoProp Tow Rope, pre-spliced. Braided ropes Torque-free ropes that are not manufactured by twisting — as is the case with laid ropes — but rather through weaving, crossing or intertwining the strands.

Affordable universal line with very high strength and longevity for cruisers. TaperTwin Bespoke racing performance: Bavaria Durable and flexible mooring line with a uniquely balanced construction and high break load.

MegaTwin T4 Perfection to the very end: