Here are my solutions to various problems in David J. Griffiths’s excellent textbook Introduction to Electrodynamics, Third Edition. Obviously I can’t offer any . Introduction to Electrodynamics, 4th ed. by David Griffiths. Corrections to the Instructor’s Solution Manual. (These corrections have been made. INSTFIUCTOFFS SOLUTIONS MANUAL INTRODUCTION to ELECTRODYNAMICS Third Edition David J. Griffiths.

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Jun 20, There are frequent attempts to unify concepts and keep the big picture in mind. Freshman and sophomore level books are often so interested in problems due to the large lectures containing many engineers and med students that the explanations are poor at best. Griffith discusses experiment, history, and theory alongside one another.

This is a pretty good book at its level. Every book should be this book. I am sad that it is the only book used at some schools as the last few chapters especially relativity are not as good as earlier ones and it does not cover some topics like electrodynamics thoroughly. I’m just starting his Quantum Mechanics book and long for the day after when I can crack open that Elementary Particles book.

My undergraduate physics program had no better textbook than this one, and I recomm If you want to a good mathematical approach to learning Electricity and Magnetism, Griffiths is your man.

Jul 13, Philip rated it it was amazing. It doesn’t follow the serious tone of a typical textbook which makes this a much lighter read, even is sections that are very mathematical.


I wonder if either is any good, or if I should just buy a used copy of the hardcover. Don’t work in it if you haven’t taken a course in Multi-variable Calculus.

In my opinion the majority of the examples are a bit abstract. I found it so difficult I used gruffiths. Also the 4th edition is a bit thinner and has a way nicer cover. Magnetic Fields in Matter 7.

Jan 20, Michael Nielsen rated it it was amazing. I bought the International edition of this book and I am happy with the Quality of the pages and book. The one thing that I don’t like about this book is its solutions to problems which is the another griffifhs which I think was hastily and poorly written and don’t do justice to this book.

Jun gricfiths, Nov 17, Newton rated it it was amazing. As an undergraduate my prof asked us to buy Panofsky and Phillips.

Introduction to Electrodynamics

This is a book that always provides intuition behind everything. Oct 29, Adam Lantos rated it it was amazing.

The best part about grjffiths for me was the chapter on Vector Analysis which most book fails at since vector is core to understanding Electrodynamics and this book devotes an entire chapter for learning vectors.

That’s a shame, because it meant missing the heart of the textbook, even though the author tries to give geometrical and intuitive explanations too where at all possible. The way he writes his griffitus is wonderfully unique- as if he were delivering a public lecture, with all the tiny little jokes, while at the same time not missing out the much required mathematics. It is inexpensive also.


Introduction to Electrodynamics by Griffiths | Physics Forums

It is in fact almost unnecessary to take a class to learn the material if you have this book and enough motivation. Apr 20, Peyton rated it really liked it. I also walked out of the exam with an A, yay me! Still the explanations are clear and the main points are indicated in such a way that grifdiths cannot miss them.

This is a great introductory text to the study of electromagnetics. I have gone back to buying American. David’s notation is better, except that the r-prime for location of charge and the r-prime for r variable under the integral sign can be confused when you’re just quickly looking something up.

Field and Wave Electromagnetics by David K. Do you griftiths have an account? Often, it seems as though he gives just enough examples for you to be able to do some of the problems without trying; others, with some difficulty; and some problems are quite difficult. Feb 13, The most interesting point was “why charges reside on surface at electrostatic equilibrium? Electric fields of stationary charges and magnetic fields of steady currents.

This book on the other hand is very clear. Return to Book Page.

Griffiths connects almost everything you learn in Freshman physics. Seriously one of the best stories ever told.