Grundfos Lifelink water solutions confront the global water crisis head-on, meaning solid steps can be taken towards long-term sustainable water solutions. Grundfos Lifelink Water Solutions helps build resilience to the effects of climate change by providing access to safe, sustainable and affordable water. The water fee covers the ongoing service contract where Grundfos LIFELINK takes full responsibility for service and maintenance of the system. Via the remote .

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The Situation For most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, it still remains a major challenge to provide sustainable access to safe water for the entire population.

How many corporations really want to change the world? The health status of the community improves, since water borne diseases are reduced considerably. The communities have experienced a significant improvement in living conditions due to the reliable supply of water and the resulting boost in entrepreneurial activities created. AQtap water dispenser for water kiosks Grundfos AQtap is an intelligent water dispenser that addresses some of the main challenges of providing reliable His vision was to start grindfos rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America with a sustainable supply of safe drinking water at affordable prices.

Grundfos Lifelink water solutions confront the global water crisis head-on, meaning solid steps can be taken towards long-term sustainable water solutions.

Grundfos LIFELINK – CSRgov

The concept is undergoing practical tests in in Kenya, after which it will be rolled out to other East African countries — and later on to other parts of the world. Comment Connect with Facebook.

So for your next company retreat, consider going somewhere different. Want our latest blog posts and articles with lifelikn insights, trends and cases straight to your own inbox? The high-yielding water projects in urban areas contribute to the ongoing operation and service of smaller water projects in rural areas.

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Solar cells operate the pumps as well as telecommunications and control equipment. Firstly, sustainability is part of our purpose lifeilnk the way we have done business from the very beginning. Inthe son of the founder, Niels Due Jensen the current Chairman travelled to the developing world and saw for himself that many rural areas had polluted ground water, making the water unsafe to drink.


Watch the video to see what impact the solution made to the people in Mathare. The holistic approach of Lifelink water solutions enables four dimensions of sustainability for long-term, reliable water supply.

Sustainable water

During the hardest drought that Kenya has seen for many years, the community now have easy and convenient access to adequate safe water for their families, gardens and livestock. And he has a point, today over 1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water.

In short, being a sustainable company creates great value for Grundfos. The Lifelink in action.

Through a holistic approach taking into account the entire value chain of water supply for the developing world, Grundfos Lifelink water solutions can deliver four dimensions of sustainability for long-term, reliable water supply. It is just a matter of leveraging your competencies as a company, and of developing original solutions to societal needs. Sustainability and corporate responsibility is in the DNA of Grundfos. Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic tapping unit, where the villagers tap water and pay with a closed payment system based on smartcards.

Through the campaign ‘Meet the Energy Challenge Now’, Grundfos has taken an active role in promoting energy savings by highlighting the hidden opportunity in applying energy efficient pumps in buildings, industry, and water supply. Water entrepreneur Douglas has started a small water business in Rurii Village in Kenya.

Overview Are people in the developing world willing and able to pay for their water? There are already many local and international charities involved with community based water projects, but the problem seems to be there is no long term financing in place, so when the money runs out, local communities are back to contaminated water.

For decades, a lot of work has been done to establish water supply projects, yet it still remains a major challenge to build long-term sustainability into many of these initiatives.

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The world today is facing a number of urgent challenges – global warming, water constraints, a rapidly growing population, increased urbanisation, pressure on resources, and a shift in economic centres.

The purpose of the company is to develop, sell and offer services for automatic water systems, primarily aimed at rural areas in third-world countries. The water from the SQFlex plant improves life conditions for the local population and growth conditions for plants and animals.

Grundfos Lifelink – Turning CSR into a Business Opportunity | Sustainability Next

The pilot scheme looks like it is already having a big impact. The users pay for the water with their smart-cards ggundfos have been prepaid via their mobile telephones. Your email address will not be published.

Grundfos Lifelink water solutions. This means no money is mismanaged. The communities are relieved of the continuous struggle of managing and maintaining their water supply, and the water service operator — in this case the local Grundfos organisation — is able to make a viable operational model where water consumption finances professional service and maintenance.

This page forms part of the publication ‘Focus Danmark Nr. The company has lieflink itself to revolutionising the way the poorest in lifwlink world access safe drinking water By Richard Steed Photos and illustration: We engage with you on developing the best business model for your project and how to collaborate across sectors for the most sustainable and scalable solutions.

We engage in knowledge sharing to arrive at the right business model for achieving financial viability in water supply operations.

Nairobi Water has found success with one solution in Mathare: The purpose of Grundfos LIFELINK is to provide sustainable water solutions for people in the developing world through innovative technology, partnerships and business models.