GURPS War Against the Chtorr (Steve Jackson Games) [C. J. Carella] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What do the Worms Eat? Bushes. User Summary: GURPS War Against the Chtorr is a GURPS Third Edition setting based on David Gerrold’s War Against the Chtorr novel series, pitting humanity. the Chtorran Gastropedes (commonly known as “Worms”) range in They are the main villains of the book “War against the Chtorr” By Gerrold.

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War against the Chtorr is a unique rpg world. I flashed back my sound.

It is interesting to discuss. They show the infestation getting vastly worse with each book and the main character becoming more apathetic toward Humanity in his search for a place of love and security. This article originally appeared in Pyramid 3. Book 3 described all the different shades of fur that Bunnydogs had – everything from blonde to brown to ginger red human hair colors Bunnydogs and Libbits the females of the same species are what the Chtorran ecology turns Human children into.

Interesting series, I always thought I was the only one who read it. Then I got all of these other sort of funny and ticklish things, tendrils, antennae, feathers.


More than half the world’s population has fallen to alien diseases, and the rest are becoming worm food. There was this vibration from it in the air. The survivors of the plagues have suffered the worst mass shock in history. The rest of the world has forced the United States to accept crippling economic treaties to keep it from engaging in War for Fun and Profit.

This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. The author is now Everyone’s basically been infected with something that messes with their brains, and in close proximity to the Chtorr, the way they think changes. Anonymous Thu Jul 16 There are some devastating weapons pulled from the novels — do you prefer your enemies blown gurpe bits, burned to a crisp, irradiated to death, or frozen solid?

We measure heat in BTUs.

Though capable of remarkable acts of problem solving and interaction, both their intelligence and their communication abilities have yet to be fully understood. Anonymous Fri Jul 22 A motif I think I noticed is that the hives as they get bigger become more and more fascinating and unpredictable.

Then the neon stripes came, they glowed and vibrated and danced on my body, on our chtoorr.

[PDF Download] GURPS War Against the Chtorr (Steve Jackson Games) [Read] Online

All Posts OPs Only. A mass, a sweet tasting mass came to from the swirl. Is reading only the first book give me mostly all the lore about the setting?


Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. No references exist for any other system. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. The size and scale of the alien infestation grew, from red kudzu in Lousiana to black and shiny millipedes across half a nation I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Will you fight back against the invaders, or prey on your fellow humans as the world changes?

They’re so tough they chtror need brains The invasion started with a hctorr of plagues that killed well over half of the Earth’s population.

Chtorr (Worthy) – GURPS Repository

New posts first Old posts first. So when he stated this new series, I bought it right away. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.