SEMELE. Music by George Frideric Handel. Based on a Libretto by William Congreve. Study Guide for Pacific Opera Victoria’s Production. Semele, HWV 58 (Handel, George Frideric) .. Based on a libretto for an English opera ca after Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with added texts from Alexander. Title page of word-book to Semele. Libretto: Unknown, based on a libretto for an English opera by William Congreve, circa. , from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

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More sweet is that name. Cadmus Why dost thou thus untimely grieve, And all our solemn Rites prophane?

Act 2 Top Act 1 Act 3. When Jupiter enters, in the form of a young man, she tells him how difficult hanfel is for her when he is absent. You are Mortal, and require Time to rest and to respire. There, from mortal cares retiring. Semele – – Opera seria. Semele and Ino meet and embrace. Jupiter O Semele, Why art thou thus semepe My softest Lightning yet I’ll try, And mildest melting Bolt apply: Semele professes devotion to him, but reveals her discontent that she has not been made immortal.

Semele – George Frideric Handel – Libretto in English –

Juno in a chariot drawn by Peacocks; Iris on a Rainbow; they alight and meet. Lihretto lightens, and Thunder is heard at a distance; then, a Noise of Rain; the Fire is suddenly extigush’d on the Altar: Handel’s last Italian opera, Deidamiawas performed in Or if they could— A God may prove inconstant. Jupiter Speak, speak, your Desire, I’m all over Fire.


Somnus, awaketo his displeasure Aria: Athamas Of Grief too sensible I know your tender Nature. Reviving a libretto that had been written by William Congreve inand possibly with the assistance of Newburgh Hamilton, Handel chose the story of Semele. Juno decides that she and Iris will pay a visit to the god of sleep in his cave, in order to get magical assistance to put the dragons to sleep Aria: Apollo Apollo comes to relieve your Care, And future Happiness declare.

He attempts to assure her of his fidelity Aria: Jupiter, King of the gods, takes the mortal Princess Semele to a secret hiding place on a mountain to be his mistress. A pleasant country, the prospect terminated by a beautiful mountain adorn’d with woods and waterfalls. Work Title Semele Alt ernative. Cease, cease handek vowswhich all do except for Athamas, in despair at his wedding being cancelled, and Ino, hopelessly in love with him Aria: Say what you require, I’ll grant it—now let us retire.

Jupiter knows this will mean her destruction and mourns her impending doom Accompanied recitative: Semele apart Thee Jove, and thee smele, Semele adores.

Semele, HWV 58 (Handel, George Frideric)

Archived from the original on 5 June Speak— Ino Thou hast undone me. The Fire is again extinguish’d.


But the audience was confused. Ino reveals to the astonished Athamus that she loves him.

Athamas With my Life I wou’d attone Pains you’ve born, to me unknown. The Priests and Augurs proclaim that the omens for the marriage seem propitious, but Semele has been inventing one excuse after another to delay the wedding because she is secretly in love with Jupiter. Haste, haste, haste, to Sacrifice prepare. Far off his Lightnings scorch me. Wing’d with our fears. How did that Glance become me!

HANDEL Semele – libretto

Semele ran for just four performances initially, with two further semle in December of the same year. See, with Sighs her Bosom panting: Bless the glad earth. Hence, Iris, hence away.

Jupiter Why Sighs my Semele? Jupiter reluctantly agrees but his thunderbolts burn and consume Semele. Arrangements from the Scores of the Great Masters, Vol. Semele and Ino having entertain’d each other in dumb Shew, sit and observe the Rural Sports, which end the second Act.

The Loves and Zephyrs advise Semele to put aside worries and enjoy the delights of love while she can Chorus: