The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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The stuff is fed in regularly at the head of the jig, and the strokes of the piston raise both the bed of heavy particles and the ore. The method in both cases is the same.

This gives a seventh product. If one should take out a grain from any part of the tube and drop it in at the top, it would settle down until it came to approximately the same position as that from which it was taken.

Hindered Settling Equipment & Classifier Review

It was probably never put into use but once and then immediately thrown out. Using Fastest Grains only. Losses may be stated to occur as included grains, as flat or long grains, as fine free mineral, and as absolute slime. To get the hindered-settling method into practical mill form, one must provide for each compartment: Where Wilfley tables are fed with the products of a good classifier, and are engaged in making a two-mineral separation, the use of a raff-wheel for returning the middlings to the table is not only a safe procedure, but wise, as the middlings form a very small product and one that can be perfectly separated by the table.

Its water consumption is greater than the Selective Mineral Jig. The mixed feed gave for tons of feed 4. Between these two forces lies the diagonal of the parallelogram which is the resultant of the two forces.

Economy of water should be largely realized by the use of hindered-settling. Classifiers are good or bad according as they do this one thing well or ill.

I am assuming that the slime has been already separated from it.

The same work has been done for the 13 minerals referred to under Free-Settling, and the hindered-settling diameter-ratios given in Table XII. His test was to start the table, Fig. I was not satisfied with this first test, as its field was too small, and so I had it repeated with a very long glass tube, 6 ft. The coarse and heaviest particles settle onto the screen and are removed by a side drawoff.


This classifier submits the sand to hindered-settling treatment in the hindered-settling chamber, the grains there being in the condition of teeter, the heavy grains quickly going down and out, and the medium grains, remaining at full teeter, act as a filter for filtering out the fine slime. Such machines are especially suitable for coarse ores.

Jg Can be Done to Improve Vanner-Tailings resulting from mixed feed without preparatory classification? There sterns no way of saving flat grains other than to recrush them and treat them just as if they were included grains.

Here again the concentrates are practically free from small quartz, the middlings are small in quantity, and the tailings are almost free from fine free mineral.


It requires minimum floor space—being less than that for any other concentration unit; and has a low initial cost.

To correct this the quartz bed must be so completely liquefied that the bed of heavy mineral is at full teeter below. The results are given in Table VII. Note that the range of quartz hills is very close to the range of galena hills with only a very slight valley between the two. If, however, the grains of valuable mineral do not sever easily from the gangue, then it may be necessary to break down to half their size in order to liberate a sufficient number of them completely from the gangue, so that the concentrating-machines can satisfactorily do their work.

Harz Jig Concentrators

Gold, lead, zinc, copper, native copper, nickel, iron, manganese, tungsten, chromite, and fluorspar are a hsrz of the ores which can be concentrated in this jig. All the compartments receive pulsating rising current, and as a result the first compartment gives the heaviest largest grains and the final overflow gives the lightest.

Ji may now size these products on our series of sieves and lay them out on a board jit photograph them, Fig. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The classified feed gave 3. In coal washing ,pieces as course as 4 to 5 inches can be washed in jigs.

By this means the screen surface has a much greater capacity than that of the ordinary jig. If the third in size has to go to a jig, what was said of the next to the coarsest will be true of the third also.


Hindered Settling Equipment & Classifier Review

The first two products carry all the slime and give the densest slime of any classifier known to me. The Mineral Jig requires a minimum of attendance; dilution is easily controlled, as it is always necessary to add water to the jig tailing for subsequent classification.

It may be further remarked that with all the pocket-classifiers, the water in the pocket must have the same rising-velocity as that in the sorting-column in order that they may both lift the same size of grain.

Hurz jig are usually built of wood, but construction of concrete jigg been reported. The slime is kept out of the spigots by the fact that the sand has to pass through an annular conical zone of clear water in order to get out of the spigot. This guarantees a hindered-settling chamber in the upper part of the cone.

Definition of Harz jig

Standard construction is tanks and frames made of kiln-dried Douglas fir and laminated wood plungers. Since it requires only one-quarter, more or less, of the velocity required by free-settling to do the work, it should require narz one-quarter the quantity of water.

The plunger-jigs had 12, sq. This gives a helical rising-current, that is, a current flowing up in the direction of the thread of a screw. The Richards Type Pulsating Jig concentrates ore too coarse for treatment on concentrating tables.

It is not probable that the bands will stay so far apart as shown in the figure; in fact, they will run together a little. Any advantage that the small heavy grain would have over a large light one would, of course, appear in the resultant tending to carry it to the hutch. It is simple in constructioneasily operated, capable of treating large quantities in a short time, and highly efficient under various conditions. The reason for mentioning them here is to bring out hwrz advantage they possess over the rectangular settling-tank.