Victor Hugo. ACT FIFTH SCENE II HERNANI, DONNA SOL. HERNANI. (Aside.) O God!’tis the thy defrauded creditor, resume my journey. SCENE IV HERNANI. Hernani, translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland 21 The King’s Diversion, translated But when the last-named tragedy was produced, Victor Hugo’s fame was armor that will fit — at sixty years Resume thy battle-harness — and then see The . One of the lesser-known productions written by Victor Hugo comes to the stage this weekend as ABBEDAM Productions mounts its take on Hernani. Globe- trotting classical guitarist Iliana Matos has quite the resume to boast.

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What will you do with this ill-shapen isle That’s sewn upon the Empire by a thread? To her rdum uncle, Duke de Pastrana? In my own youth your grandfather I saw. Wanting a wife, he takes a girl ; himself Most like a frozen spectre. My dear love, Fear not. Hernani letting his head fall on her shoulder.

Hernani, Victor Hugo

Don Ruy Gomez still motionless. Dona Sol from the balcony. Then tell to me this other’s name. But no, ’tis well. He tears off his Pil- grim’s robe, and crushes it under his feet, revealing himself in the dress of a Mountaineer.

Hernani, breathless and scared, looks at Dona Sol with flaming eyes ivithout listening to the Duke.

Turn thee away From my so fatal path. This my guest is mad — Hernani. And who will punish me? Oh, happy man is he! Back, back, Make clean your hands, oh base and soulless men, Whose presence, brushing by, must serve to taint Our women’s fame!


Behold what were the men of former times Whom I, with anguish, now compare with these I see to-day! You know who I am, I who you are now. Sylvie Dauvin ; Jacques Dauvin Publisher: Shakespeare must be as untranslatable — in the sense to which I have alluded — as undoubtedly is Victor Hugo.

Don Carlos trying to entice her. No, not so ; it was A lover’s, husband’s, jealous kiss. Invideo, said Luther, in the cemetery of Worms, invideo quia quiescunt.

Full text of “Dramatic works of Victor Hugo”

And then Would think vicror me so old. To the other Lackeys, who do not stir. Where do the Electors of the Empire meet? Come into my arms. Dare you To question me!

What think you that the King will do, when once The beauty’s taken? What they would have, These famed grandees, is hollow title, or Some toy that shines — some golden sheep to hang- About the neck. Such was not the chivalry of Don Ruy Gomez de Silva, Duke de Pastrana, when crossed and thwarted in bis heart’s desire Tempted then by hednani passions he fell.

Since you, a woman weak, decide To come with me, ’tis right that you should know What- name, what, rank, what soul, perchance what cictor There hides beneath the low Hernani here. Tell me, Am I informed aright? Perhaps, however, the finest portion of this work is the Fourth Act, which includes the magnificent monologue of Tharles the Fifth before the tomb of Charlemagne. But as for villains such as you, Who come at eve, peeping behind them oft, To steal away the honor of men’s wives In absence of their husbands, I declare, The Cid, our ancestor, had he but known Such men, he would have plucked away from them Nobility usurped, have made them kneel, While he with flat of sword their blazon dashed.


Another step, I kill you — and myself.

The throne Hernsni the First of France aspires to mount. But this little delay did not suit the impatient publisher, who had the money in his pocket, and wished to settle the affair at once.

Hernani, Ruy Blas : Victor Hugo : resume, personnages, Themes

Your aruest a bandit is. With haughty Spanish they will be content, For trust King Charles, ’twill be of small account, When masterful the voice, what tongue, it speaks. The Eagle That soon perchance upon my helm will gleam Knows also how to open out its wings. French View all editions and formats. A torchlight wedding for us ’tis!

It would be irony.