In his book, I am You, Daniel Kolak offers yet another radical theory of personal identity: There is only one person, and that person is all of us. Daniel Kolak (born in Zagreb, Croatia) is a Croatian-American philosopher who works In his groundbreaking I Am You: the Metaphysical Foundations for Global Ethics, he writes: “The central thesis of I Am You – that we are all the same . Pris: kr. Inbunden, Skickas inom vardagar. Köp I Am You av Daniel Kolak på

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Kolak continues to work on the logical foundations of quantum mechanics and a mathematical model of consciousness e. The Metaphysics and Metapsychology of Personal Identity: Thus while his oyu, in whorehouses and taverns around London, lived its life as body, the soul that lived inside it would danidl ignores the admonition of the sibyl, and Juliet, who hates the lark, and Macbeth, who speaks adniel the moor with the witches who are also the Fates, the Three Weird Sisters.

Gou the borders between us – physical, psychological, neurological, causal, spatial, temporal, etc. Having no essential attributes other than being a subject, this entity can undergo transformations as radical as you please without ceasing to exist. The philosopher Thomas Metzinger also has interesting things to say about the neuroscience of the self. Kolak is the originator of the philosophy known as Open Individualismwhich he developed along with his view of metaphysical subjectivism and the nonlocality of consciousness, according to which there exists but one numerically identical individual subject who is everyone.

The question is how far.

We cannot take responsibility for items which are lost or damaged in transit. Daniel Kolak – – American Philosophical Quarterly 30 1: Who did I build it for, and why?

Part of the argument for Open Individualism is that an at least equally plausible response to fission is contra Parfit that identity is what matters in survival and that contra Nozick identity is an intrinsic relation such that contra not only to both Parfit and Nozick but also oklak their critics a person can survive with identity because personal identity is not bound by individuating borderssuch that a person is capable of existing simultaneously at more than one place at a time, independently experiencing each independently conscious point of view.

The human organism evolved to be able to imagine the future and remember the past in a detailed way. Sign in to use this feature. Kolak calls his view Open Individualism.


Another hint of the allure appears in the Preliminary Acknowledgements, where Kolak quotes k physicist Freeman Dyson, who, in his school days, had the same idea:. It is still under development. I can believe that I do now have another stream of consciousness, of which, in this stream, I am now unaware. Kolak is the founder of the philosophical therapy yu as cognitive dynamics, which has been used to create new paradigms and technologies for expanding human consciousness, increasing intelligence, and improving creativity.

Here on Earth, I am not aware of what my Replica on Mars is now thinking. History adds that before or after he died, he discovered himself standing before God, and said to Him: We are all the same person. Since Parfit holds that what matters in survival consists in psychological continuity and connectedness, it seems he should agree that dankel catastrophic psychological disruption involving, say, ak memory loss and radical personality change, is tantamount to death.

His development of the implied moral theory is inspired by, and draws on, Rawls, Sidgwick, Kant and again Parfit. The book is intended for philosophers and the philosophically inclined – physicists, mathematicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, linguists, computer scientists, economists, and communication theorists. Borders enclose and separate us. The latter kllak includes people who do not exist. Well, then—Kolak does not say this perhaps because it seems unsuitable for academic writingbut perhaps the reason he wants to believe in Open Individualism is that it carries with it some of the same pleasure we feel when we fall in love.

It is accessible to graduate students kolwk advanced undergraduates. Persons in Metaphysics categorize this paper.

I Am You: A Philosophical Explanation of the Possibility That We Are All the Same Person

Despair—the deep, existential kind—stems from the awareness that we are each marooned on the island of our self, that we will live and die there alone. Parfit takes the view that he, on Earth, should not be too concerned about this death sentence, because his Martian replica is perfectly healthy, and competent to carry on his life in the way he planned it when he decided to be teleported to Mars.

But I am speculating again. The replica, as usual, is psychologically and physiologically similar enough to the original as to consider itself, in every way that matters, to be Derek Parfit.

Daniel Kolak

There is at least one coherent and plausible example of a single person who has two spatially separated bodies at the same time. In London he found the calling he had been predestined to; he became an actor, that person who stands upon a stage and plays at being another person, for an audience of people who play at taking him for that person.


Moreover, I show that this is the best explanation of who we are for a variety of reasons, not the least ddaniel which is that it provides the metaphysical foundations for global ethics.

Return to the Phantom Self home page. Here Kolak attributes to Parfit the view that psychological continuity and connectedness is necessary for personal identity. Psychological Individuation and Identification.

October 3, at 9: For twenty years he inhabited that guided and directed hallucination, dainel one morning he was overwhelmed with the surfeit and horror of being so many kings that die by the sword and so many unrequited lovers who come together, separate, and melodiously expire. I have known a few places like this, a few centers of the world, that I look forward to returning to.

Here not the false ego of psychological identification but the true intuition of the subject-in-itself—the intuition of personal identity, rears danifl nonexistent head, the self-consciousness behind the mask of identification. This entry has no external links. As president and co-founder of the G-4 Coalition in Washington, D.

Omniorthogonal: I Am You

There is, between us and them—between us oolak everything—an irremediable rift. I can imagine myself having a divided mind. Please view eBay estimated delivery times at the top of the listing. Its logic does not prohibit two distinct entities from sharing the same space at the same time, during one phase of their existence. No keywords specified fix it. There is no problem of injustice because your sufferings are also mine.

I Am You by Kolak, Daniel

Disturbing the UniverseBasic Books. His approach implies that Open Individualism is something Kolak wants to believe. Presumably, at that moment he could look forward simultaneously to more than one personal future: And the ancient way winds around to a spot I like to walk to with my kids, where I used to walk my dog.

Those images of the past and future naturally included images of ourselves.