Sholom Secunda’s If Not Higher is a musical dramatization of one of Isaac Leyb Peretz’s most famous short stories, “Oyb nit nokh hekher.” This story also forms. IF NOT HIGHER. And the Rebbe of Nemirov, every Friday morning early at Sliches-time, disappeared, melted into thin air! He was not to be. If Not Higher by I.L. Peretz. Taken from Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond, a 10 CD set available from our store at.

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Though his primary concern was the defense of Yiddish and its core legitimacy, he could not sanction discarding Hebrew from its vital place in Jewish history and culture.

If Not Higher, by I. L. Peretz

Righteous, wise, and learned, Ripe with knowledge and wisdom, Rich in his deeds. By that time he had become the towering figure in modern Yiddish culture, for which he would be remembered in perpetuity. Remember me next time? A fearful, Solemn-Day hush broods over the dark streets, broken not unfrequently by a cry of supplication from some little Minyan, or the moan of some highee person behind a window.

Peretz’s Yiddish story “If Not Higher” and discusses how it has inspired and informed her identity as a Jew. He also edited and coedited numerous Yiddish literary journals and anthologies, often contributing his own writings. And without further ado he goes in. He confessed afterwards, did the Lithuanian, that when he found himself alone with the Rebbe terror took hold of him. Obviously, the woodcutter-rebbe did not actually expect any repayment, nor would he have accepted any; but by letting ihgher gift appear to be a loan, he has left the indigent woman with her dignity intact.

Almost spitefully, he determines to disprove their belief by following the rebbe. Speaking Yiddish and Opening Doors 1 minute 34 seconds.


And the Rebbe answers again in the Little-Russian speech:.

But he went further to propose that the Jewish cultural doyens and deans would come to replace the rabbinical establishment as a new type of secular spiritual leadership.

Weir, Simon Project Manager: Higger man of the mind, a man of the book. And the Lithuanian hears the sound of his own heart-beats mingle with the heavy footfall of the Rebbe; but he follows on, and together they emerge from the town. Jews no evil eye! His education, which included solid exposure to traditional Judaic i.l.perefz in his youth—as well as to secular subjects, modern scientific reasoning, and Western knowledge—was mostly private.

Determined in hgher conviction that Yiddish must forgo its provincial state, he insisted that it must become recognized as a universal and modern language of serious literature and discourse.

Turning to Hebrew and Yiddish writing, he eventually and increasingly i.l.peret his focus on the latter as the language of a rapidly expanding secular Jewish readership. Perets Bontsha the Silent pdf. On the other hand, he might have known an earlier version of the story. Secunda took great pride in the work, expressing the hope that he would be remembered for it more so than for his decades of songwriting and composing for the Yiddish theatre. On his way out the Rebbe steps aside into the kitchen, stoops, takes a hatchet from under a bed, puts it into his belt, and leaves the house.

If Not Higher, by I. L. Peretz –

The Lithuanian knows it to be the voice of a Jewess, a sick Il.peretz. Look, you are a poor, ill Jew, and I have no problem with trusting you with a bit of wood.

In a culturally pluralistic but politically unified Polish society, for example, both Yiddish and Polish—and among well-educated Jewish and non-Jewish circles, perhaps also German and Russian—would coexist, ideally in fruitful and intellectually stimulating synergies.


Then he goes to the wardrobe and takes out a packet—which proves to be the dress of a peasant: Peretz did not diminish his condemnation of the corruption, ignorance, and perpetuated superstitions of Hassidism, but higgher found a nuanced way to use Hassidic and other Nof folk environments and incidents to reexamine their merits on moral and ethical planes and to serve as a collective backdrop against which he could portray some of the diversity and mystery of an aggregate Jewish culture.

If Not Higher

He watches as the rebbe fells a tree, chops it into firewood, and returns to town to offer it for sale cheaply to a poor, elderly, bedridden Jewish widow. Skip to main content. Meanwhile, if there were those who needed for a while longer to retain their id beliefs—even if the overall pace of social progress would thereby be slowed—it might be best to leave them alone for the time being.

But not the rabbi! She has no money; he will lend it to her, he insists. The Rebbe, long life to him, enters it. He intends to stay there all night to find out where the Rebbe goes, and what he does at Sliches-time. Then, when the stove was alight, and the wood crackled cheerily, he repeated, more gaily, the second part of Sliches. The Lithuanian trembles, but he persists. The soul that heard was dissolved in grief. Hughes, Campbell Assistant Engineer: The Rebbe lies still, too—the Rebbe, long life to him, upon the bed and the Lithuanian under the bed!

And his tears flow, Bathing the prayers ascending in the night In mercy and love.