by Mario Livio. “Oh god, I hope not,” was the reaction of a student when Livio asked the title question at a lecture, and it’s a The question of whether god is a mathematician refers to the apparently omnipotent powers of. The British mathematician G. H. Hardy went so far as to describe his own Physicist and author Mario Livio brilliantly explores mathematical. Mario Livio. Space Telescope. Science Institute. Is God a. Mathematician? Page 2. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of. Mathematics. “How is it possible that.

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The book was selected by the Washington Livo as one of mathe,atician best books ofand it was also selected as a ” Borders Original Voices” finalist. All really fascinating questions. The Scottish poet Thomas Seggett raved: Indeed, there are many rather interesting mini-biographies of important mathematicians through the ages.

Trivia About Is God a Mathemat In the Elements Euclid set out the rules of mathematical exposition as they are still followed today: To get a taste of Livio’s book, read his article Unreasonable effectiveness in this issue of Plus. In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet.

When you’re doing maths, you certainly feel like you’re discovering, because you’re constrained by the rules of the game — that’s your weekday activity.

The Story of Phi Humans commonly invent mathematical concepts and discover the relations among those concepts. Price may vary by retailer. A self-described “art fanatic” who owns hundreds of art books, Livio put this interest to good use in his next book, The Golden Ratio: Anda berkenalan dengan Tuhan Yang Satu.

Skip to main content. Livio earned a B. But despite its frightening title, the book’s appeal could not be broader. La verdad es que este libro, en general todos los que voy leyendo de este autor, ha sido una gozada.


Muy recomendable para los interesados por el fundamento filosofico de la matematica. Hardy, held a healthy disdain for those who used mathematics as a mere tool for practical problem solving, or, god forbid, profit making.

Does mathematics have an existence that is entirely independent of the human mind? On the Human Mind Mathematics. Did God create humans in his own image, or did humans invent God in their own image?

Mario Livio

He lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Pertanyaan pertama jelas agak sukar dijawab, tergantung Anda melihatnya dari segi mana. Read the book and decide for yourself what the answer is. Morgenstern and Einstein furiously tried to get Godel not to reveal this to the judge at the citizenship hearing. Mathematiciwn then, is god a mathematician?

They were not dreamers enough to arrive at new points of view, which could give more fundamental mathdmatician over the forces of nature. I still really enjoyed the book and it led me to put some other books on my To Read shelf.

Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio

He provides his short version of an answer to the question at the end, although he is sure to show how both sides of the argument continue to be discussed. In the end, Livio’s personal answers magio the questions don’t matter as much as the enjoyment of the journey he takes What accounts for the uncanny ability of mathematics to model the physical world? Lists with This Book. Lots of math but not much God Alam semesta seolah sudah dijelajahi sampai ke pelosoknya alias semua kekuasaanNya sudah terpetakan.

I won’t give away more of Livio’s own answers here.

Is God a Mathematician? | Book by Mario Livio | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

I must admit, I never studied math beyond college pre-calculus, so this book was quite a challenge for me. Mathematical Platonism certainly feels right: May 22, Gendou rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s boring, boring, boring, boring, boring. Evidence of this omnipotence is everywhere. Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner once wondered about “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics” in the formulation of the laws of nature.


This work on geometry is probably the most-read book of all time apart from the bible — another illustration of the surprising longevity of mathematics.

This number is the sum of all of its divisors the numbers that divide it with no remainder: Livio also tackles the question of whether mathematics is discovered an objective truth independent of human thought or invented the product of human thought and reasoning. These discoveries are no less true because they are built on an invention of the human mind, but they are only true because of the initial acceptance of the foundational axioms that we invented.

Livio reviews the history of math, from Pythagoras to modern mathematicians such as Lobachevsky, who discovered hyperbolic geometry, and Kurt Godel, who showed that attempts to “prove” the mathematicixn of mathematics consistent are doomed to failure.

Gets a little thick towards the end as Livio addresses statistics. Jul 26, Ken Roebuck rated it it was amazing.

What is w relation between formal logic maybe we should even say human formal logic and the cosmos? Woody Allen once put it: Of course, just because he is a theist does not make him wrong or right on the mathematical issue.

How astonishing that the human mind is attuned to this hidden subtext of nature! Or, is mathematics nothing but a human invention?