Drawing computer based panels for depicting a model railroad layout, (PanelPro ®). What DCC systems will Decoder Pro work with? 3. with operating instructions. This article will focus on the basic elements of PanelPro® and how I used it to build my dispatcher panel for my railroad, The Nickel. #Start. ✓ Note: The setup options for . For experienced users of Panel Editor JMRI versions prior to

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For example, the “stop” aspect will be a single red lamp on a signal mast with one head, red over red lamps for a signal mast with two heads, etc. They use the LocoNet Simulator, but also will interface with a LocoNet layout using actual sensors and turnouts.

However the scroll bar does not work. Manipulating Icons To move an icon around on the panel, you “meta-drag” it. You can browse through them with the tree in the bottom of the editor frame.

JMRI® OperationsPro™ Manual

For more information, see the Preferences panel Help page. The extra indicators are included to assist in understanding the operation. You can download the Part 2 xml file here. More on Java versions and hardware requirements. The Layout Editor has many rules built into it about how track is connected, the naming of blocks, etc. There’s also a pop-up menu ctrl-click on a Mac that will provide various ways to manipulate the icon. JMRI is a Java-based cross-platform program suite for model railroaders.

These might include the Panel Background, or the icons to attach to active elements switches, levers, track state, signals, etc.


Perhaps the best way to see what each looks like is to select it in the tree, then click on the icon next to the “Add icon” button. The Layout Editor builds a “Layout” which is a logical description of your entire layout.

Layout Editor Panels may also be used to set up automatic running of trains on your layout using Dispatcher. Updated from JMRI 2. General Set Up v4. These panel files expect that you are running JMRI 2. It will let you rotate the icon so that it points in whatever direction you want. Here are the Panel Pro files for each step. You can generally ignore these, as once the components has been inserted you can drag it around by holding the meta Apple, command, etc key down.

Kansas City 2018 Signaling with LCC (Layout Command Control)

You add new ones with the “Add With the default icons, active is a green circle and inactive is an empty circle. The Train Edit pane shows Road or Load restrictions. Also, refer to the signaling page for information on adding logic to operate the signals on your layout under the control of your panel. ;anel is a way to add track symbols, etc.

Advanced Logix details of the full CTC implementation. Now you can quickly see and adjust which tracks at a Location can accept certain loads. A button to add an icon as a label. PanelPro provides four separate ways to create Control Panels: If paenl use scripts you will need to edit your scripts.

To get your free copy of the Macromedia Flash player follow the above link.


Intermediate Logix for CTC. To run off-line, copy both the.

Or it might be a right-drag. They expect that you are running JMRI 1.

JMRI Manual: Index

There’s a page on the main web site that describes this in detail. You can configure the colors used, the width of the track lines, and other details of the presentation. Also show which loads staging tracks can ship.

Text labels can have their font, size and color changed. Updated from Version 3. This page describes the application, and how to use it. For more information and to download your own copy go to http: You can start at any point and move backward or forward from there. The CTC panel and the layout panel share the same internal sensors and turnouts and the Logix establishes the signals. When train s run and a turnout responds to your hand held throttle, it’s time to open the Hardware Help use the Hardware kmri at the top of the page.

JMRI Panel Tutorial

This control can be used in various ways. In addition, the Layout description of your railway can be used by scripts such as the included AutoDispatcher2 to automatically control your trains.

A Signal Mast can operate one or more heads, manaul required to do full prototypical signaling based on aspects.

You start the editor by selecting “New Panel