Josquin Des Prez. Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4 parts (poss. spurious). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook · twitter. Absalon fili mi (La Rue, Pierre de). Authorship Note This work was formerly attributed to Josquin Desprez. Movements/SectionsMov’ts/Sec’s, 1. Genre Categories. I re-open the question of Absalom fili mi with some diffidence. TVNM reade The attribution of Absalom to Josquin is found in three mid-century German.

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Josquin was so revered that dozens of dubious pieces were attributed to him, to give them extra lustre.

All four voices in turn and in transposition sing identical statements of a fuga subject. In this configuration of stretto fuga, a fuga subject cannot move by step; instead it must be made out of falling thirds, rising fourths, falling fifths, rising sixths, rising octaves, or ornamental infillings of any of foli intervals.

Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4… | Details | AllMusic

With an impeccable sense of tonal balance, the ASQ displayed all these characteristics supremely well, even without the crutch of words to lean against. The most important musical figure of his time, he josqukn the complishments of the preceding generations of Dufay and Ockeghem, just as Beethoven summarized the accomplishments of the first Viennese school.


Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Call —Herman Trotter. Loring Danforth by the Danforth family. We’ve noticed you’re adblocking. Admittedly the absalln analyses offered here reveal a work with a highly distinctive fuga profile, one that may already seem to point towards one composer in particular.

Evidently some care has gone into crafting this passage. Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. A late and possibly untrustworthy printed source calls the great Josquin Desprez its composer, and music historians for years have lauded it and sought possible occasions for its writing, such as the memorial service for Philip the Fair, son of the Emperor Maximilian, in In Absalon, however, we find something much rarer: Telegraph Culture Music Classical music.

Click here to sign up. See notes for details and correct composer below.

Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez | Repertoire | Amherst Saxophone Quartet

Some of the best music is released at the end of joquin year. Original text and translations may be found at Absalon, fili mi.

Each and every one of the motets featured on this recording is truly a masterwork of Renaissance counterpoint. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – all the people pictured on the josauin.

L’homme arme, Josquin Desprez. Nonetheless, more work is needed if we are finally to unmask the identity of the elusive Absalon Master. National Trust discount code. Paula Higgins Oxford,21—49 at 30—5.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Thank you for your support. External link points to source file which may be viewed with Scorch. Nothing suffers more from this flattening effect than Renaissance church music. In addition to the Desprez selections, the concert gili four other repeats fromall with some direct or oblique Renaissance reference: But there were four more Josquin works to go, including some cat-and-mouse counterpoint in “Salve Regina” and an intriguing alto-baritone duo in the middle of the solidly constructed “O bone et dulcissime Jesu.


Missa Pange lingua is a paraphrase mass based on Pange lingua, a hymn of praise to Jesus Christ. The mensuration time signature in the earliest reliable source is also slow and somewhat unusual. The Motet arounded. When I ran the idea by Northwestern University’s renowned medieval and renaissance music scholar Theodore Karp, he replied, “Why not?!

Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez

Whichever man may be credited with Absalon, the powerful character of the music remains. ASQ’s ‘Renaissance Sax’ is one for the ages. Click on this photo to enlarge the review.: But it has been crafted around a fifth voice singing a plainsong cantus firmus, whereas the two passages of josquib stretto fuga in Absalon are both free-standing.