WHY I AM NOT A HINDU: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. by Kancha Ilaiah. Let me make it clear, however, that I am not . Why I Am Not a Hindu. A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd – Retired, Director, Centre for Study of. Who – or what – is a Hindu? There are no easy answers to this question. From the Oxford English Dictionary: Hinduism: A major religious and.

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Some of the accused have actually died. I am going to purchase Mr. I found it very unfair. The brahminised India is still not successful to land its satelite on even the Moon.

So where is all this brahmin conspiracy stuff you are talking about. During the post-colonial period their energies were diverted to manipulate education, employment, production and development subtly.

Kancha Ilaiah – Why I am not a Hindu | Dalit Nation – The Only Authentic Voice of Dalits

Certified BuyerThiruvananthapuram. Not so good that Dalit and tribal women suffer the same and much worse on a colossal scale without getting a fraction of the importance the tourists do.

Even today members of communities who have a steady and good source of income from traditional activities do not seek Education or Jobs. If God is formless, then how can it have a gender?


Take, for example, the Goudaas who climb the toddy trees and combine in themselves the talent of mind and the training of body. Another note, South India was ruled by Jains and Buddhists. How many upper caste folk lose a limb or even their lives for daring to enter a temple? Chumber for his rational views which has impact on new comer Mr. When you have a problem you want to use the court to support your rights but will cast aspertions when you feel otherwise.


Chumber-ji, You have complained about Hinduism treating some people badly. Thus it is clear that as per Vedas, Shudras deserve the same respect as other Varnas and as per Vedic prayer, Shudras are accorded great esteem. Dalits were also hit by more murders, rapes and kidnapping than in In the scandal, which took place before ; Mr. Does that mean you are bad.

Kancha says Brahmins have no contact with nature. Therefore, it becomes very clear that in selected interviews, the policy of maintaining the Quorum was not followed. T is mandatory to get appointed as Assistant Professor in any College of the Country.

Ialiah is a hindy who distorts the ground realities of life in India to advance the Christian missionary agenda, which is kancga complete and iconoclastic cultural genocide of India.

They offer bananas and coconuts to their gods but our gods need meat. Dear ClementWhy are you so much annoyed to know the treacherous brahmin priest who laid the first foundation stone of the Muslim dyansty at Sindh which is now a state of the Pakistan.?

If labour is not pleasure, if Dalitbahujan minds do not derive pleasure out of that labouring process, given the low levels of consumption on oancha they subsist, Dalitbahujan bodies would have died much earlier than they do. These books like Bhagavad Gita should be banned. YOU Can keep your concept of God with you. The scholars and the wealthy people should ensure that they not deviate from this message of mine.

Kancha Ilaiah

If supreme court would have given stay in the statues of dalit icons casethe existence of statues and monuments non dalit iconscreatyed by public fundswill be also in danger as per th supreme court judgement!!!!! Instead the author is solely focused on spreading extreme hatred and malice towards anyone or anything that is “Hindu” by criticizing anything and everything that is remotely related to the religion.


I was selected for the above-mentioned post. He’s just made statements that are unsubstantiated. As I said in my review, it is very difficult to generalise in India — the culture is so varied.

Kancha Ilaiah offers a description of the differences in life style between upper castes and Shudras, with the declared intention of getting the reader indignated at the injustice and absurdity of the typically Hindu hlndu system. The Janata Dal government was a mix of political parties, headed by V.

Its nit personal choice, your personal search, your personal views. The Rama had to murder the innocent and pious shudar saint Shambuk under the pressure of the cannibal brahmin community. Once this axiom is grasped, rest of the natural corollaries keep hondu imbibed as we progress.

Jan 27, Vivek Gothwal rated it really liked it. After examining the Attendance Sheets of earlier Interviews, it is very clear that there were only three candidates in the Interview for the Assistant Professor conducted on 13th July, at Secretariat, Silavssa.

After reading the book through, I find myself in the curious position of agreeing totally with Kancha Ilaiah on his premise, but not at all with his analysis and the arguments he have brought to support it.

But ofcourse, the collection of signatures to petition against wrong potrayal of hinduism will not stop. Riddles in Hinduism Maharashtra Govt. Political Science Osmania University M.

An makes me happy to submit here that most of my students had got First Class in the University Examination. What is wrong in my name?