Ang Katesismo sa Simbahang Katoliko kun KSK mao ang opisyal nga teksto sa mga tudlo sa Simbahang Katoliko. Di Katoliko: Iyang mga aral ng Katoliko, di nasusulat sa bibliya kaya puro panlilinlang . panalo sa debateng ito ang kinatawan ng SIMBAHANG KATOLIKO. Katesismo para sa mga Pilipinong Katoliko (both in complete and abridged versions), LINGKOD SIMBAHAN-Rario Veritas-Quezon City. • MARY HELP OF.

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Abril 22, ni fperito.

Na-miss ninyo ba ang weblog na katwsismo Ipagpaumanhin ninyo po ang napakatagal kong pagliban sa paglalagay ng mga bagong paskil. Lubha lamang na naging abala ang inyong lingkod sa mga personal na bagay nitong nakaraang mga buwan. Iyang mga aral ng Katoliko, di nasusulat sa bibliya kaya puro panlilinlang iyan! Sa palagay ko naman ay nababatid ninyo na ang patutunguhan ng mga usaping kagaya ng nasa itaas.

Nakalulungkot ngunit sa akin man ay nangyari ang ganyang pagkakataon noong lubha pang kakaunti ang pagkakaunawa ko sa mga aral ng ating pananampalatayang Katoliko. At pihadong napakaraming mga katoliko na ang naging biktima ng ganyang klaseng mga usapin. Walang mababasa kahit saan sa biblia tungkol sa aral na ito ng mga hindi katoliko.

Katesismo sa Simbahang Katoliko

Isang sitas ang lagi nilang ginagamit na sagot. Ang Dating Biblia Nasusulat sa sitas sa itaas na ang kasulatan ay kapaki-pakinabang sa pagtuturo ng ukol sa katwiran NGUNIT walang binabanggit diyan na ang nasusulat lamang ang dapat na gamitin sa mga bagay na ukol sa pananampalataya.

Oo, iyan ang totoo at iyan ang isang bagay na hindi kayang pasinungalingan ng mga hindi katoliko. Kung pagbabasehan natin ang ipinangangaral ng mga hindi katoliko, lumalabas na hindi kasama sa kasulatan ang kabuuan ng bagong tipan.

Ito ay sa kadahilanang na noong isinusulat ni Pablo ang kanyang mga liham, wala pa ni isang aklat ng bagong tipan. Ngayon, kung hindi nasusulat na tanging biblia lamang ang dapat na maging basehan ng pananampalatayang Kristiyano, ano ang dapat nating sundin?

Basahin natin ang nasusulat:. Malinaw ang nasusulat mga kapatid.

Katesismo sa Simbahang Katoliko – Wikipedia

May mga aral na direktang ibinigay ng mga Apostol sa mga unang kristiyano. Nasusulat ba ang lahat ng mga aral na ito? Samakatuwid mga Kapatid, malinaw na ipinangaral ni Apostol Pablo na ang mga aral na dapat nating panghawakan ay hindi lamang yaong mga naisulat kundi pati na rin yaong mga ipinangaral sa pamamagitan ng pagsasalita. Hindi iyan nng pasinungalingan ng mga hindi katoliko. At sino ang nagturo sa atin ukol sa mga aral na sinalita ng mga Apostol at ng mga ,atoliko Kristiyano?

Ang Iglesia mismo sapagkat nasusulat ang mga bagay na ito:. Kita ninyo na mga kapatid kong Katoliko? Lubhang napakalinaw ayon mismo sa biblia na ang Iglesia ng Diyos na buhay ang haligi at suhay ng katotohanan. Kung itinuro mismo ni Apostol Pablo na ang Iglesia ang nagtataglay ng katotohanan, sino tayo para baliin ang mga aral nito? Hunyo 7, ni fperito. The debate is concluded in favor of the negative. Narito ang ika-pitong bahagi ng diskusyon bg pagitan ng Katoliko at Iglesia ni Cristo sa pamamagitan ng http: Let me enumerate them.


The primary cause was a dispute over papal authority. The Eastern churches denied that the pope had any ,atoliko authority over them. Further reading would reveal how The Church refuted this.

This contention can best be refuted by showing that the essential doctrines of Christianity are contained kafesismo in the New Testament Scriptures, while giving, at the same time, their due force to the traditions of corporate Christianity.

They are gentlemanly debaters and wholeheartedly accepted the rulings made by the mods. They are even more gentlemanly and charming to us in the PMs. Contrary to what some people might think, making the rulings was not a burden to me; it was actually a simbahan to add value to the debate.

That leads to the third point. Unlike in normal threads, one cannot run away from an ongoing debate; and the questions are very pertinent and the answers very relevant. I urge all of us therefore to learn the skills of debate and do it. We are all advocates of our beliefs, we should know how to defend them. Try to debate at least once — it is like virginity, it is only difficult in the first time. Narito ang ika-anim na bahagi ng diskusyon sa pagitan ng Katoliko at Iglesia ni Cristo sa pamamagitan ng http: The negative agreed that there was apostasy of great magnitude in the church.

If unconditional, then the guarantee must be in effect no matter what this great magnitude or number of people did. simbhaang

They are supposedly part of the body and thus, any unconditional guarantee must trickle down to them. Yet, this great number of people apostatized, he said. Whatever the head ximbahang, people follow. If the brain has cancer, the whole body is affected.

June | | Knights of Saint Benedict

The Apostles warned that after their departure or death; savage wolves will not spare the flock Acts Thus, the history of apostasy began. From 2nd century to 3rd century, the doctrines of the devil had been slowly creeping into the church. The fourth century was the climatic period of apostasy. Greek spirits prevailed over the church. The church committed adultery with the Roman Emperor and forgot about the true God.

Papacy gained more power. Papacy had control of both East and West. The first century church was completely apostatized. As an institution, it was led to believe in slmbahang of man — Greek Spirits e.

Doctrines of demons were introduced. The gospel was altered. The negative, in taking simbahanb chance to recover, introduced the kingdom that will never be destroyed. He failed to simbhang this kingdom to the first century church. The fourth kingdom, the apostate kingdom, will come first. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings.


He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and kaoliko to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time. For time, times and half a time, the holy people of God have been under the spell of Satan, through the Pope [man of lawlessness, fourth king, spoke against Most High] and under the Catholic Church [Prostitute of Babylon, the fourth kingdom, kingdom divided].

Time, times and half a time is a long period of simbahajg. It is half of the total dispensation of the Christian period which was divided into seven seals, which can subject of future discussion. Escape, you who live in Daughter of Babylon—Zech 2: I came out kkatesismo her. But where should we go? Christ never left us alone. Narito ang ikalimang bahagi ng diskusyon sa pagitan ng Katoliko at Iglesia ni Cristo sa pamamagitan ng http: But is this accurate?

All the significant events in the history of the Church had been well-documented, not just by Christians but by non-Christian historians alike. And those who really studied the Aramaic language deeply, they will discover that there is an Aramaic word for bedrock or strong rock: Conditions that according to him, if not met, would forfeit the said guarantees. See, the guarantee was delivered in Matthew And they consented to him.

He even expounded on it by saying these. The apostasy of one man becomes the apostasy of the church. The Affirmative has admitted under cross that the Church indeed has one body. And the bible fully supports this. Jesus simbaahng the body which is the Church. Will this church ever be destroyed or torn? The prophet Daniel prophesied it and Jesus guaranteed it. What else are you looking for? Katdsismo, the Bible says otherwise. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Re your question, no, you could not forgo the customary cross-exam. It has to kxtoliko followed. There is also another point. You should have PMed aktesismo to me if you wanted me to answer your question.

Let this be a gentle warning. If yes, does it have an exact date recorded? You quoted Daniel 2: