Ten days after transpersonal psychologist Wilber married Terry Killam in , Grace and Grit. Ken Wilber, Author Shambhala Publications $25 (p) ISBN. Treya Killam Wilber is Terry Killam when you first meet her. She is a She meets and falls in love with Ken Wilber in a classic but somewhat bizarre romance. When Ken Wilber and Treya Killam met in , it was “love at first touch. Grace and Grit is the story of their life together until Treya’s death five years later.

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To be loved and cared for, however, results in emotional discomfort, an uneasiness that is easily detected.

Grace & Grit: Spirituality & Healing in the Life & Death of Treya Killam Wilber by Ken Wilber

This is a very good book, would to love see it on film. She deals with anger, rage, bitterness, self-pity, depression, as well as laughter, humor, trust, and love.

There is also a lot of excess that adds nothing to the story of Treya’s experience and seems to be little more than ego gratification for Wilber. Because both Ken and Treya show vrit accepting life as it is is the starting point for any spiritual path.

The discovery of this witnessing center is very much like diving from the calamitous waves on the surface of a grti ocean to the quiet and secure depths of the bottom. All we have to go on is experiential evidence.


It is a story with deep sadness but the two of them have such a feeling of heartfelt joy in the world and in their lives that it seeps through.

They also give the great gift of redefining healing. But the frit of growth and spirituality they took together is compelling. In becoming so ordinary, she taught me something.

I also find it somewhat humorous that Ken never seems to pass up an ggrace to include a statement from someone calling things like a “genius” or a “man of astounding intellectual breadth”, yada, yada, yada, etc. Because I judge myself. I found the story inspiring and beautiful. The book also has a good assessment of the Way illness and sickness are treated in society, as well as how theorising over illness does nothing to help the person with that illness. Take this description of one woman, for example: So what exactly are some of the essentials of the perennial philosophy?

The teaching chapters e.

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In the process, they put a number of New Age ideas and practices to the test. Apr 22, Lisa Shultz rated it really liked it Shelves: Trust yourself, trust your psychic immune system.

So why the three stars? It deals honestly with the pain and the overwhelming work that dealing with cancer can be both for the patient and the caregiver. Yes sometimes the philosophising can be a bit much, and you would need to know something about Buddhism to get some of what’s going on, but still it’s an interesting variation on the theme.


Her words are by far the most heart rendering. Mar 03, Anna rated it really liked it. Their story will, if you let it, claim a small but permanent place in your soul ever after. If this describes you: Paperbackpages.

Grace and Grit

Aug 10, Joan Lieberman rated it liked it. I did want to quote Treya from page Ken Wilber is the founder of Integral Institute, Inc. In infantile fusion, there are not two things to begin with, just a global in differentiation. Five, if we follow this Path to its conclusion, the result is a Rebirth or Enlightenment, a direct experience of Spirit within, a Supreme Liberation, which—Six—marks the end of sin and suffering, and which—Seven—issues in social action of mercy and compassion on behalf of all sentient beings.

And for gracce couple of people who are determined to see past the ego, they sure seem to enjoy basking in their own.

A Response to Grace and Grit

Buy the selected items together This item: This book and this review took more time than I typically spend in reading and reviewing. If you’re not, there is still a lot to learn from in the book in terms of living with cancer.

Pretty basic stuff, Ken.