Keyscript Shorthand – Keyscript Easyscri & Teeline – This is a shorthand which uses only the lower case letters of the alphabet and saves 60% of the writing. I started learning Teeline today and so far like it well enough, however I’m havin considerable difficulties understanding a few things. Firstly. A brief look at various handwriting and shorthand systems and why they’re needed. Keyscript, a new system based on Pitman’s, claims to be the fastest of the.

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The Japan Shorthand Association now has 1, members.

This book contains not only thorough lessons, but also comprehensive practice and full answers. In this it is like Pitman’s system, but without dependence on position syorthand to lines, strokes of different width, or use of diacritical marks.

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After the decline of the Roman Empirethe Tironian notes were no longer used to transcribe speeches, though they were still known and taught, particularly during the Carolingian Renaissance. Maybe now is the time Battling Bermudagrass Human Chow: Many forms of shorthand exist. Vowels are written as hooks and circles on the consonants.


Do check it out. He will neglect no opportunity to improve himself in the use of his art. Mom’s Favorite Poems Lorien: Together with the Latin letter, “De notis,” concerning the origin of shorthandBrooklyn, N. James Hill, an instructor of Pitman Shorthand, developed it in Keyscript is faster to write than keycsript other alphabetic shorthand Here is an example of Keyscript against Personal Shorthand.

It has the advantage of being shoorthand easily printable by hand or keyboard than Bell’s Visible Speech.

The fastest alphabetic shorthand.

The best matter of the for the student beginning practice for speed is to be found in the dictation books compiled by the publishers of the system. In fact, most of the symbols used for the consonants are the same shrthand used in Gregg Shorthand. Dement’s Aristography [13] [14].

The thickness, length and position of the strokes are all significant. It distinguishes between far more speech sounds than are minimally needed to identify one word from another.

Keyscript Learn a bit this about relatively new alphabetic shorthand.

Keyscript Shorthand

Pitman Shorthand was devised by Sir Isaac Pitman and was first published in Phrasing should be indulged in sparingly on unfamiliar matter. One drawback of Shelton’s system was that there was no way to distinguish long and short vowels or diphthongs; so the b-a-t sequence could mean “bat”, or “bait”, or “bate”, keyscgipt b-o-t might mean “boot”, or “bought”, or “boat”.


Let me have a cheque for the bill. For comparison and suggestion, he will study the facsimile notes of practical stenographers. Shorthand systems Lists of languages.

A Guide to Alternative Handwriting and Shorthand Systems

Lines are also written thin or thick using a special flexible fountain pen tip, keyscrilt a pencil will work. The way out of this madness is to write using a phonetic alphabet—one sound, one symbol. Look up shorthand in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Instant delivery is not currently supported. Such non-stenographic systems have often been described as alphabeticand purists might claim that such systems are not ‘true’ shorthand.

Keyscript Shorthand

Boyd’s Syllabic Shorthand [5]. The system is fast, attractively cursive, but frustrating for personal use since each vowel symbol can represent several possible vowel sounds. This basic system was supplemented by further symbols representing common prefixes and suffixes.

Gregg had studied not only the geometric English systems, but also the German Stolze stenography, a script shorthand.