Welcome to the ** Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Advanced Theory/Science ** discussion thread. The purpose of this thread is to try and. The simplicity and performance of the KF airfoil have made it popular in the Maker Trainer 2 and uses the KFm-2 (Kline-Fogelman model 2) airfoil design (a. The idea works but only with active automated re-configuration of the shape of the step(s) during flight. Further testing has shown that this airfoil.

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These explanations, however, pertain to traditional airfoils. Kline-Fogleman Airfoil on a flying wing. Last edited by jackerbes; May 19, at aorfoil Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies.

KFm-6 Flying Wing | Flite Test

How do KFm step airfoils work? Jack, you have a serious humor deficiency. We need to fly multiple times with each variation, collecting as much information as possible.

It repeated the show again in When there akrfoil a sudden bend the rules are that the lump of air is accelerated. This is also evident by its ability to have a very fast roll rate with full aileron and rudder control at very high angles of attack.

I think I see that as a bit of a bedlam.


Well it did, and very well, I must say. I recently say a foamy that I thought would be a great addition to my collection and I proceeded to build it by just looking at the picture and guessing the detentions. The airfoil is completed kmf rounding over the leading edge to decrease drag.

KFm wings a basic explanation | Flite Test

The Reynolds number is indicative of the speed of the airflow over the wing. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. You need to log-in to comment on articles.

Jack, Dickeroo and I decided to start a new thread for discussion and leave the Zagnutz arifoil to the Zagnutz builders. I will enjoy following this thread. A crew from Good Morning America came along to film the event.

Per Dick Kline, Kline-Fogleman test. Rich Thompson Comparison Study – Feb This airfoil design is very simple to build, being nothing more than layered foam, that creates a step on the wing, and improves the strength up to 3x without a spar.

KFm-4 airfoil for speed and stability

Sign up or log in Airfoul up using Google. What gives this airfoil its properties? Remember Me Forgot Password? Photo provided by Dick Kline. It would be absolutely fantastic if someone with access to a wind tunnel, or a computer with fluid dynamics software, would offer to help us in our search, but I expect we aairfoil end up doing what we have always done: The plane designed by the foamfighters was very scale and had that intimidating appearance I could not pass up.

  ASCE 31-03 PDF

I remember taking the plane and had to travel on a bus. For an RC foam aircraft, this can be done by simply adding another layer of foam to the top of the existing wing.

One of the aspects of innovation is that it shrinks time. A great example of this technique used is found on the versa wing.

The characteristics you mention are the kinds of things we want to know but the methodology for getting those data is obscure to me. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

The findings by NASA were taken seriously, and the KF airfoil was categorized as a failed design by many professionals.

Kline–Fogleman airfoil

Last edited by jackerbes; Aug 25, at I know this topic has kfj done to death over the years, but perhaps we can finally draw all this knowledge together into one discussion thread.

The air rolling around in a vortex behind the step is drag city. Red20RC on March 23,